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[Hanoi] La Patisserie Chez Moi

Chez Moi brought joyful appetite for me the first time, and it has been doing that until now, no exception. I felt sorry that I always forget taking picture of the bakery’s signboard, because of these little sweet treats.
– The Continuous Journey, Chez Moi [Part 2]

It is quite small shop, maximum capacity is 15-20 people I think. Decoration reminded me about simple terrace of coffee shop in Europe.



Lots of yummy pictures are hanged on the wall, hjhj


View from the table next to window, I like this spot because of two opposite houses, red and green, colorful!


Variety of menu is limited, dessert mousse and few types of cakes, but they are delicious! Price is about 30,000 – 40,000 VND/piece ( vs. Quality is fair. I had lunch, literally, so I took 3 mousse, and my friend chose Tiramisu. *Updated price of 2016*

Blueberry Mousse

– Blueberry Mousse: soft, fluffy, melting in my mouth, not too sweet, blueberry taste is flavorful.

Green Tea Mousse

– Green Tea Mousse: the amount of green tea is just right, not too acrid, combine perfectly with light sweetness.


– Tiramisu: one of my most favorite Tiramisu in Hanoi, rich wine flavor (my type!)

Raspberry Mousse

– Raspberry Mousse: my friend recommend this last choice, light sourness match perfectly with sweetness. However, the topping raspberry was so sour that I thought if I eat a box of it, I will faint or cry because of extreme sourness

Updated Menu (October 2017) – Menu mới nhất (Tháng 10 năm 2017)

They also have delivery service for birthday cake, with three sizes. I received lots of compliments from my friends in the past two times I ordered cakes here.

My experience with drinks is limited, so I will review about it later

*Service: pastry chef was on his way to deliver a cake, he looked hard-working guy with fat tummy 😉 However, the staff did not focus on her duty, she talked with her friend, who was also a guest, so she forgot my second order.

Closing time: 9pm (pretty early). I had not come here in the evening, so I did not know they close early like that.

Address: opposite with no 19, Ngo Hang Chao street (it is actually Gate 10 of grandstand B, Hang Day stadium), so don’t feel awkward if you see this patisserie 😀

Facebook page:

~ Cake quality: 9/10
~ Service quality: 6.5/10


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