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[Hanoi] Hot n Tasty

I have not visited any grill & hot Pot restaurant for years I think, probably because I’m often on my own in food journey, and grill n hot pot is definitely good for group 😉 However, I decided to prepare my tummy for a huge lunch with my special “sister”, who I have not met and had any “luxury meal” with her for long time. We chose Hot n Tasty because it was first grill n hot pot restaurant of Al Fresco’s Group in Hanoi, opened May 2014. Because of their long experience in Vietnam, my expectation was high. I arrived at 10.30am, roughly, and I was first guest! The restaurant was pretty quiet, well-organized, simple but attractive decoration with two colors: red and black. There were two floors.

Second floor, I was an early bird, but in next 1 hour, this place was full of people
Second floor, I was an early bird, but in next 1 hour, this place was full of people
Table set
Table set

Most of tables were under reservation, because it was few last days of 2014, offices and friends often gather together to say goodbye the old year, and welcome the new one. My first note: When it became full of people, it could be very noisy, be aware if you wanted ambiance.

For some reasons, they did not serve Coke can, only bottle. The waitress brought us few popular starters and appetizers, includes: seaweed salad, kimchi, potato wedges, and edamame beans. Next time I would really want to try crispy salmon skin, some sushi rolls. After all, favorite appetizer of my friend was edamame beans, and mine was seaweed salad. Both of us ordered them twice, my second seaweed salad bowl was also bigger than the first one 😉

They had quite good menu selections: pork, beef, seafood, oysters, chicken, specialty – crocodile or ostrich; hotpots. Each of them had at least 5 dishes to choose. Pork belly, beef, oyster, seafood were all good, fresh, and well-seasoned. Chicken was less tasty. For crocodile or ostrich, I guessed I need to come back more, to judge the difference, or the quality.

Besides, you could order other dishes like cooked ones, sashimi, tempura. I was impressed with baked oysters with cheese. They were fresh, fatty, and flavorful. Sashimi was served with wasabi but it was not spicy at all. I ate of wasabi, and mixed a little with soya sauce. The red sauce for dipping grilled meat and seafood, was okay.

Baked Oysters with Cheese
Baked Oysters with Cheese
Salmon Sashimi
Salmon Sashimi

My second note: grilled salmon and crocodile in lemongrass were wrapped fully in aluminum foil (you could not see inside), so watched them, or they would be overcooked! (like mine) 😦

Grilled Salmon
Grilled Salmon
Grilled Crocodile Meat with Lemongrass
Grilled Crocodile Meat with Lemongrass

I supposed to take picture of hot pot, but I guessed my brain was dumb because of food, so I forgot! However, because I’m a sweet tooth, a dessert cart is a perfect heaven which I could not miss, lolz. I was really full but I managed to try a flan, and a small passion fruit jelly glass. They were good.

Dessert Trolley! Fruits, Jelly (many kinds), Flan, Choux
Dessert Trolley! Fruits, Jelly (many kinds), Flan, Choux

Service: The staff was friendly, however, was not fully professional. I asked two different staff for a new spoon, but they did not bring it, till I saw the chief of waitress team. My friend ordered squid tempura, but they brought raw squid for grill.

From the beginning, I understood that the grill stove could eliminate smoke, however, in the end of the meal, my clothes was still lightly “smoky”. Despite few flaws, we had good experience with Hot n Tasty, I would come back with my friends.

Last but not least, if you are a resident or live in Hanoi for long term, you could register for the Reward Plus card, to receive benefits from all restaurants under Al Fresco Group, included Hot n Tasty. I forgot detail offer, but I would update when my memory came back ^^~

Price: our lunch was Full Buffet 348,000 VND/pax, included unlimited food, excluded drinks. Coke bottle was 30,000VND/bottle

Other prices they had:

  • Full Buffet 388,000 VND/pax, included unlimited food and drinks
  • Standard Buffet 265,000 VND/pax, included food, excluded drinks. I did not ask in detail for this package but it seemed that you could only order each dish one time.
  • Set Lunch: 4 various prices from 145,000 VND to 225,000 VND
  • Hotpot special menu: 145,000 VND/pax, included 3 starters, choice of 5 hot pots and 5 broths, noodle, and dessert. Or 500,000 VND/ 4 people, excluded starters and dessert.

All prices included 10% VAT, so you could know exactly the price that you should pay.

Open Hours: I think they only open few hours during lunchtime, and whole evening for dinner

Address: 81 Lang Ha, Dong Da District, Hanoi (near intersection of Lang Ha-Thai Ha-Huynh Thuc Khang)

Tel: (04)35191152 (reservation is recommended for large group)


P.S: They often have weekly promotion programs like buy 1st pax, get discount 50% for 2nd pax, so you should check the website or their FB page.

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