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[Hanoi] Traffic jam and Muscovy Duck

Vui lòng kéo xuống phía dưới để xem tiếng Việt

I was fighting with the afternoon traffic jam and trying to move my motorbike each single inch in cold small rain, then I decided to ride my motorbike on pavement, to turn to the other way, with the hope of escaping the traffic jam. It sounded a great plan, though execution was not easy. Right at the time I was about giving up, I saw this signboard. I was not in rush, so I decided to “land” here, not only to wait for the ending of traffic jam, but also to fill my empty tummy from lunch. I need to rest!

The Signboard
The Signboard

It was a small alley, the stall was in front of a house. Indoor seats were full, so I must take outdoor ones, on one side if the alley. As many street food places in Hanoi, plastic tables and stools, and a simple canvas above your head, were what you could expect, and see.

Literal translation of the signboard:
Van Beo (fat Van, probably name of the owner. She is Van, and obviously, fat)
Bun-Mien Ngan (rice noodle – cellophane noodle with muscovy duck)
Tiet canh Ngan (muscovy duck blood soup)
Address: 198 Thai Ha, Dong Da district

Well, I have never ever eaten any Tiet Canh bowl in my life, so I guess I cannot describe the taste, but you can find definition from Wikipedia. It is unusual dish of Vietnamese Northern people. Many people, including Vietnamese (mostly young generation) have been freaking out because of this dish. If you are adventurous enough, you can try and judge it yourself 😉

Muscovy Duck with Transparent Noodle (Mien Ngan)
Muscovy Duck with Transparent Noodle (Mien Ngan)

I ordered Mien Ngan (muscovy duck with cellophane noodle), without MSG (mi chinh). Cellophane noodle has light taste, which goes well with “mang” (bamboo shoot) and poultry meat like muscovy duck. There is a the myth saying that cellophane noodle is less fat than rice noodle (Bun) 😀 (Explanation of cellophane noodle from Wikipedia). Whatever the reason is, I always choose cellophane noodle over “Bun” rice noodle.

The broth was quite was so so, better than I expected (without MSG). I was impressed with the meat, lean and tender, not smelly (Duck meat often has stronger fowl smell than chicken). Bamboo shoot was young, and cooked well.
Score: 6.5/10. Price was 40,000 VND.

My Note: Many places in Vietnam often put MSG (mi chinh) in their dish, especially pho/bun/mien street food stalls, therefore, you should tell them in advance. “Khong Mi Chinh” is what you need to say 🙂

198 Thai Ha street, Dong Da district


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