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[Hanoi] Beer T Plus ~ Farewell, Year of Horse

The entrance/exit
The entrance/exit

T + Beer Club located on 2nd floor of X98, a new complex for young people. You might hear about Zone 9, the unique arts and entertainment complex; largest independent, civil-society-driven cultural development, which was closed after a fatal fire. I heard X98 was built as brainchild of Zone 9’s veterans, in smaller size. However, because of limited space, I have not really felt the free spirit of Zone 9 anymore. Anyway, it is still a fun place for hanging out in the new area of district.

The atmosphere of Tet was flying all Vietnam, it was few last days of old year, everybody seemed being busy with finishing their work or preparing to come back hometown, and the beer club was not very crowded like usual days. Occasionally, it has music events and performances, too. Although I have not experienced it, it sounded fun when my friend told me.

The food menu was wide selection, from breakfast, lunch (free tea n coffee), and pizza. Food paring with beer included cold cuts, fried and grilled dishes, finger food, bird / frog / specialty dishes. Finally, to comfort your tummy after drinking, there were hot pot and congee (rice porridge).

The pig’s ears we tried were pretty plain without any seasoning, otherwise, everything was good, included the hot pot.

Because of yummy food, I forgot taking pictures of menu (as usual!). The food menu below is from their Facebook site.

The beer menu had draught beer and bottle, with all popular brands. Two beers I felt curious were Larue draft beer (because is significant cheap price, 9k/330ml glass ~ $0.45), and Okean (a Russian brand). I once saw this beer in Saigon few years ago, Fifth Ocean Live Beer a.k.a Pyatiy Okean Svetloe. It is brewed in Saigon for the Vietnamese market, but the same beer as the one in Moscow.

Lady Drink and Mixed Drink
Lady Drink and Mixed Drink
Beer Menu
Beer Menu

Service: food and drink were served fast. Dartboard and Football table were ready for challenge 😉 I personally was not good at dartboard game though 😦
We came as early birds for dinner, when we started our last dish (hot pot), the place was more and more crowded. The manager (I assumed) asked us politely to move to a new table ’cause we occupied one of biggest table there. They were nice and arranged a new table for us quickly.
Price was reasonable, especially for larger group. We were of group of 5, paid 150k VND/per person.

Bonus: some pictures of live music performance, from their FB page.

Address: Beer T+ – 2nd floor – X98 Zone, alley 97 Hoang Cau street. The alley is opposite with Lotteria fast food, and it is big as a road. I don’t know why they called it alley 😀
Open from 8 a.m till midnight
Facebook page:


It is not really related but I would like to show my nostalgia for Zone 9 by the link below, and for who does not know about this artful and youthful complex.

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