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[Hanoi] Yogurt of Childhood

It is said that childhood memory would guide present behavior of adult life, in my case, I guess food has involved huge part in it. Most of my childhood happiest moments, always had various form of food, somehow, and I surely don’t have plans to mind-erase those pleasures…


This post is for a healthy childhood food memory: yogurt. It was a magical bonus treatment for me after good mark in school (please blame my grandparents for my picky taste). I have eaten homemade yogurt from this café since I was 5 or 6, I think. I miss it a lot after leaving Hanoi for several years. My first return was last week, and I was so happy to recall all the awesomeness in my mind, including the family who owns this cafe. First generation owner is Mr. Le Huu Chi. He was born in 1918 (97 years old now, God bless him! ), and because the family lived in New Caledonia before, he can speak English and French fluently. I have seen lots of his pictures with foreigner customers on his FB page, some of them were in Hanoi years ago, and came back to meet him and the family. Most of them are Francophone visitors. The cafe has been like a nostalgic destination for many locals and foreigners (count me in!).

Yummy plain yogurt
Yummy plain yogurt

Take-away Yogurt

Moving back to yogurt, what makes it special? I don’t know if it is too much to say this, but it is surely best natural yogurt in Hanoi, no preservative. The advertisement on TV about yogurt always say that it is good for digestion, immune system, and your skin (blah blah), and I only truly understand these benefits, from this yogurt. My food critic friend told me “it was my favorite yogurt in HN”, “almost as good as Greek yogurt”, “sometimes when I wanted quick food I just went there and ordered sua chua hoa qua (fruit yogurt)”


Food Menu
Food Menu

The cafe has simple decoration, with various cakes and quick meal like banh mi, spaghetti, noodle, sandwich and hamburger, etc.

I’m personally fan of buttery and crunchy croissants. On the wall, owner hangs actress Catherine Deneuve’s poster and autograph, I have not asked the reason, but I think it may be owner’s favorite actress 🙂 Well, I may come back with better review about cake and bread here. See you for now!

Price range is from 20,000 VND – 40,000 VND for cakes, tarts, croissants.
And 10,000 VND – 15,000 VND for yogurt and milk. Take-away yogurt is 37,000 VND

Address: 252 Hang Bong street (corner with Dinh Ngang street), Hoan Kiem district.
Their Facebook page:

An article about this cafe on ThingsAsian
Café 252
by Sarah Tilton, Dec 1, 1994


Update June 2015

_ Lemon Tart: Meringue topping is so good, moist foam, not too sweet or too sour, tart is crunchy!
_ Half of Croissant: I realized that I forgot talking picture after finishing the first crunchy and buttery half….

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