FOOD ~ Hanoi, Hoan Kiem

[Hanoi] DC Bistro Boutique (renamed to Bar-rique Brasserie)

DC Bistro Boutique has been always my must-visit place whenever I’m in the mood called “French-style food” plus “reasonable price”. I’ve been here several times, but I would write about my two most “impression” experiences. It is cozy place, first floor has small bar where I saw many foreigners chatted with French manager (I think), and large wine rack on the wall. Second floor has two large rooms, one is for smoking, and another is non-smoking room. Although I really hate smoking, I prefer the smoking room, because of its warm yellow light, and reflection of wine racks’ glass. It made relaxed atmosphere and appetite food. The white neon light of non-smoking room made me feel pale.

Set Menu (June 2014)
Set Menu (June 2014)

I and 4 classmates of primary school had an union after 15 years. We ordered set menu (1 appetizer, 1 main dish, 1 dessert) and bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon. Payment was about US$17/pax, included wine. They also had A la Carte Menu, and wine selection was quite wide.

Comparing to quality of food/drink, service and atmosphere, it was good and reasonable price. My Nicoise Salad and Steak were yummy! Food presentation was tasty-looking, staff was very friendly attentive to our needs. Overall, it was great evening for our special meeting after years.

Set Menu (February 2015)
Set Menu (February 2015)

My second impression was recent. Unfortunately, food was not good as it was before, somehow, both in quality, and plate presentation. It was not because of white neon lights that I mentioned above, but food was lack of seasoning. It could be better! I suspected that they changed the chef 😦 Service was also not focused (before they were active and suggested food for guests, provided napkins or forks without being asked).

Most positive point? Apple Tart dessert was awesome! However, I promised to myself that I should come back to try their new dishes: Pancakes, and Choucroute.

Guilt has been frequent feeling because food dominated my mind so I kept forgetting taking picture of signboard and inside the restaurant…

DC Bistro Boutique is one of restaurants under Verticale Hanoi, of French chef Didier Corlou. Other restaurants like Madame Hien (Vietnamese cuisine) and La Verticale (fusion of French and Vietnamese cuisine, high quality) were also recommended. I have not tried the Porte d’Annam, maybe someday…

Address: DC Bistro Boutique, 15A Ngo Van So street, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi.
(It has been renamed to Bar-rique Brasserie, same owner, new concept I think, will try and give feedback)

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