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[Hanoi] The Moose n Roo Pub n Grill

Well, this post is a bit outdated because I came to the restaurant during Tet holiday, however, I hope I still can deliver the atmosphere. The menu was limited, due to difficulties in food supply in Lunar New Year. The Moose n Roo Pub n Grill located in the heart of a busy street of Old Quarter, with street view windows.

Our starter, and the only pain of this visit, was poutine. Regarding the Menu, it was called Poutine: “French fries – checked! Beef gravy – checked! (and delicious), Melted cheese – nooo… Where’s my cheese curds?” It was pity, without cheese curd it was not poutine for me, though the fries and beef gravy were so good till the last drop! Price ~$6

My main dish was Aussie steak (probably from Margaret River), café de Paris butter sauce, fries and market salad. ~ $25. The portion was bigger than I expected (I think it is not big for Westerners), perfect medium-rare, sauce was tasty. The market salad was fresh and well-seasoned dressing, as a great assistance in helping me finish my big portion.

My friend’s main dish was pulled pork sandwich (slow roasted pulled pork shoulder with homemade BBQ sauce, slaw and fries, he said it was delicious.

Last but not least, our funny problem was fries. We ate too much fries of poutine, so we spent 30-40 mins talking and eating fries of our main dishes gradually (after we both finished the steak and sandwich). It was hard task, truly, and we completed it as joyful as we could 😉

Staff was good, she kept checking if we need something and cleaned the table after each dish was finished. She also remembered me (I think because of my camera-on-hand attitude) when my friend visited and mentioned my recommendation two days after.

My note for ones who want to sit outside, it looked quite small for me, and I saw two people had difficulties in sitting because motorbikes parked in front of the restaurant had occupied partly one outdoor table. After all, they must move the motorbikes a bit by themselves to sit comfort.

Last note: This place is not budget-friendly, comparing to local food price, however, I think it is similar price and quality with Western restaurant I have tried aboard. I will come back 🙂

Pardon me for my over-obsession with this lamp and the mirror.

The Moose & Roo Pub & Grill
42B Ma May street (in the Old Quarter)

— My Update April 2015

Yesterday, I received a response of Keith Thibert, the owner, on Tripadvisor for my review there.

“As a Canadian i really wish we get cheese curds as well. We do the best we can with the ingredients we can source. As far as the seating outside…if you can let me know how to fix the traffic and parking problems in Hanoi I am all ears.
I am glad you enjoyed your overall experience and hope to see you again.


I doubt that he has ever read my reply here, but I still want to say it out loud:

– I sincerely hope that you can find source of cheese curds in Hanoi, soon! The beef gravy was perfect, as I said above, till last drop.
– I guess Western restaurant cannot do like Vietnamese ones, hire someone and work to take care of parking, but anyway, it is Hanoi, traffic is one of our significant culture, I guess 😉
I would love to visit Moose & Roo Smokehouse in American Club next time!

2 thoughts on “[Hanoi] The Moose n Roo Pub n Grill”

  1. Thanks for the review here and on trip advisor. I do promise we are looking for cheese curds. We are doing a Canada day party at the smokehouse on June 21st and I have been meeting with the Canadian embassy and even using those channels I still can’t get them. We aren’t giving up though. We have had people employed full time to park bikes in the past and haven’t had much luck with that either. I genuinely appreciate all the nice comments you have posted and when you do decide to come to the smokehouse fire me an email keith(at) com

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    1. Thanks for commenting on my blog, and hearing my voice, too 😉 It’s pity that I did not stay in Hanoi to join Canada Day party and fulfill my wish of trying beaver tail! Your smokehouse has lots of positive comments, I will definitely visit it soon after I come back Hanoi.


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