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[Hanoi] The Intoxicated Rhythm of Chocolate [CLOSED]

What makes Tho be excited and happy? Tiramisu and Chocolate!
Okay…What makes her feel drunken? A house of Chocolate!

Sunday, the next day after I surfed Facebook page of a new Chocolate cafe, with chocolate truffles and chocolate drinks, I decided to give it a try (and I came there twice on that day!)


The Menu
The Menu

I was a bit disappointed in the beginning because of limited choices on the day I came. The staff told me that the owner had his wedding (wow, I should ask for discount!) – lack of staff, and they were under the progress of changing new chocolate for next week – chocolate truffles were not presented nicely, and not full collection there.

Afternoon Visit:
– Reserve Chocolate: Actually, I ordered Kahlua, but they brought Reserve (I actually found out about this mistake after checking by questioning their FB page’s administrator).
– Red Wine Dark Chocolate: I did not know the wine they use, but I think the flavor could be richer. Dark chocolate was fine and high quality.
– Mexican Hot Chocolate: light spicy hot chocolate, with taste of chilli and cinnamon. It was perfect for sudden cool and windy day.

Evening Visit
My friend said “Give me each flavor one piece”, OMG, too much chocolate, they would certainly confuse my taste 😦 Anyway…
– Toasted Caramel Chocolate: made from Toasted Caramel Whisky of Black Velvet.
– Matcha White Chocolate: I wish the matcha flavor could be stronger. White chocolate mainly dominated it, which made this “leaf” too sweet for me.
– Kahlua Chocolate: rich and moist, I loved it most!
– Strawberry Hot Chocolate Cocktail and Glorybites Hot Chocolate Cocktail: my impression with Strawberry version was better.

Other products
– Pomelo Chocolate (complementary, for trying): my favorite snack of all time! Pomelo’s mesocarp, dipping in chocolate. Low-calorie snack 😉 Price of a pomelo chocolate box = 50k VND
– Dark Couverture 70% jar, Dark Couverture 58% jar, and colorful Chocolate Candy jar: the staff said a couple of foreigners came back few times to buy these little evils!
– Puppy Chow (homemade version): check Wikipedia if you don’t know this confectionery. It seemed interesting, I thought buying it next time. Price = 65k VND/small jar.


First Floor

Second Floor

The second floor window seats were best!

– Atmosphere and Decor suited well for business talk and/or chilling out. Quiet place, and not for loud party.


– As I mentioned above, not all of staff was well-trained about name of chocolate. However, they were very friendly, and willing to listen to customers’ opinions.
– The owner was successfully with his chocolate start-up in Saigon (surprisingly, I was its regular customer when I stayed in Saigon few years ago).
– This place was newly opened before Tet holiday, so they said it was on the way to improve, innovate and adjust the menu. Comments and opinions were welcomed!. I look forward to its future plans.
– Music: various types, range is from 80s, 90s to top MTV Hits (yeah!)


Glorybites Chocolate and Coffee
9A Ham Long, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi.

P.S: To myself – finding more about the wine and alcohol which they are using to make chocolate here, it will give me better understanding. Noted. Noted. Must-try next time? Coconut Rum, Tiramisu, and Wasabi (I’m curious about the taste, spicy chocolate?)

(I’m in a mess, big mess, with my tummy)…Oh Chocolate…!


Update April 16

Wasabi Chocolate
Wasabi Chocolate

– I found my other favorite truffle, WASABI! Harmonious combination of sweetness, spiciness and a bit of saltiness, all of them, were inside little one.

– Target of next visit: Matcha cheesecake (the green square one).

View from second floor's window
View from second floor’s window

– As I said above, my most-wanted seat was those ones on 2nd floor with window view. You could see flow of people and daily life, and the street was not too noisy or crowded. Precious peaceful moments 🙂


My Final Favorite for Chocolate Truffle:
– Wasabi Chocolate
– Matcha Cheesecake Chocolate (much better than the Matcha White Chocolate “leaf”)
– Tiramisu Chocolate
– Kahlua Chocolate
Drinks: – Mexican Hot Chocolate
and Of Course, Pomelo Chocolate!
Goal: try more chocolate drinks, and chocolate fondue!

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