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[Hanoi] 37th Street – A “Quan Ngon” for new urban district

Ngon Restaurant (Quan Ngon or Nha Hang Ngon) is one of most recommended and popular restaurants for foreigners in Vietnam, when you are in the mood for authentic Vietnamese cuisine.

Since I moved to the new apartment, I have not found any replacement for Ngon Restaurant. Although it was not a big deal, but sometimes I wished I could have one 🙂 I saw 37th Street’s FB page when I was searching a destination for my lunch date with few girlfriends (Thanks to Facebook’s suggestion by monitoring users’ locations!). This restaurant located in the 5th floor of a residential-commercial building complex in Cau Giay district, which near My Dinh new urban area. The only disturbing for me was that I took the escalator to 5th floor (instead of taking elevator to 4th floor and walking few meters to 5th floor), because of a misleading guidance of security guard there.

37th street was under a leading restaurant chain operator in Vietnam, which currently develops and operates many concepts like Ashima, Kichi-Kichi, SumoBBQ, Vuvuzela, Isushi, Daruma, Gogi House. It was needless to say that I expected a lot when I came to 37th street.

Why it was named 37th street? Many of you should know about Hanoi’s Old Quarter, with 36 old streets and guilds, and its historical stories of finest products/food. 37th street restaurant seemed that it wanted to deliver the modern-oriented but traditional street food to people. Well, first impression, it did well. The restaurant had lots of natural light, open space, and simple woody decor, traditional-like items, including my bowls/plates or toothpick holder.

The Lunch Set

They have weekly lunch set, includes 1 appetizer, 1 main course and 1 dessert, free 1 glass of iced tea. Price was 69k VND, which was fairly acceptable. After food was served, the portion looked small for us, we thought that we would be hungry, so we ordered two more dishes.

However, we were wrong! I admitted that I was surprised with the “calculation” of the restaurant team in order to serve amount of food which was enough to be full, not too much. The portion’s size should be small with Westerners.

Food was equally good, bolder and better than Quan Ngon, in my opinion. Seasoning of my Bun Bo Nam Bo was softer, not too aggressive like original version which we could try in many street vendors and stalls of local provinces.

A la carte dishes

Two a la carte dishes we ordered, could be called result of “eyes are bigger than stomach”. We took quite time to finish them. A la carte menu was full of regional food from Northern, Central and Southern Vietnam. It was update seasonally, as I could see a list called “New dishes for Spring”, with only-Spring ingredients.

Unfortunately, I did not value highly the sauce of each dish here, it was not good enough to raise the flavor of food fully (It could definitely be better!). Hmmm, maybe I was too picky, sauce would be soul of many traditional dishes, always!

Service: the waiter/waitress were not effective and professional enough, they were a bit slow in responding to customers’ request.

Overall: I believed they were improving their service and restaurant. I would surely come back with my friends or foreign business partners whenever we were in the mood for Vietnamese street food – modern style.

37th Street Restaurant
5th Floor, Indochina Plaza Hanoi, 241 Xuan Thuy, Cau Giay district

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