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[Hanoi] Kamon – Best Okonomiyaki in town!

– Wakame seaweed salad: fresh and yummy, portion was bigger than I expected.
– Ebitama: savory pancake cooked with shrimps, layers of ingredients’ flavors mixed together, best okonomiyaki in town (thumbs up) – regarding my personal experience with various of Japanese restaurants in Hanoi.
I was definitely not a fan of Okonomiyaki, till I tried this one. I realized that I had not found the “right Okonomiyaki”! This one was firm, ingredients and theirs taste were mixed well and stuck together, top layer was not too tough, and each piece after cutting, was not crushed and fallen apart easily. (My previous experience with Okonomiyaki was all about falling apart).
– Unagi Don: my friend ate this, he said it was good, but I thought it was not good like the one I had in Chikuan (Cua Bac street).
– California roll: it was not roll-shaped, but a square one. Well, whatever the shape was, as long as it tasted good! It did.

– I don’t understand the word Kamon in Japanese, but its pronunciation is similar with Cam On (Thank you) in Vietnamese. 😀
– This small restaurant was one of first restaurant located near Japanese Embassy area.
– You could bring your own sake or alcohol, and the restaurant would keep it for you till next visit. (I saw a big sake and alcohol collection).
– It has the bar seats where you can observe the chef makes okonomiyaki.
– Service was really good, as usual (Japanese service standard is famous worldwide!)

Kamon Japanese Restaurant
104 Van Phuc, Ba Dinh district, Hanoi.

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