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When I started blogging, I published recipes from cookbooks without giving it a second thought. As the months passed, I realized that some bloggers do not do it. This subject is not black and white, actually. A list of ingredients and a method of preparation – basically, a recipe  – cannot be copyrighted. For a fun read on the subject, click here.  So, in theory, a blogger faces no legal problems by publishing a recipe. But, let’s suppose that someone goes through the hard work of writing a cookbook, and all of a sudden 3/4 of its recipes can be found online because many bloggers cooked from the book and shared the “love”. It may not be illegal, but I don’t think it’s fair.  Some authors, one classical example being Dan Lepard, are really adamant about protecting their recipes from spreading out of control. I think one should respect their views. People might reason that…

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3 thoughts on “BLOGGING ISSUES”

      1. Wonderful! means a lot to me that you appreciated the post, which I had second thoughts about publishing. Not an easy subject to deal with. I wish you a wonderful path ahead on your blogging life, and although advice is a dime a dozen, my only one would be “listen to your heart” 😉


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