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[Hanoi] Lu Quan {CLOSED}

Year 2017 / The place is closed, now they only sell roasted chickens – ga nuong lu (their signature dish before) via their FB page

Well, I’m back!

The AAG communications cable system was completely fixed yesterday, my Internet flow has run well again. I’m happy 😀

I’ve known this restaurant from a local food group on Facebook. I’m not huge fan of hot pot, however, after reading good review about the broth of hot pot and delicious grilled chicken here, I had an urge to visit it.

After that, it has been my regular destination when I hang out with group of friends, why?


Good local food. I came several times with friends, and my friends also visited few times with their friends/family. Thai style hot pot was tasty, not too spicy or too sour, especially chicken version, or seafood+beef version. In the end of the meal, the hot pot soup had pleasant savory taste, with flavor of steamed ingredients, slurp till last drop :p

Another favorite dish was Fried Chicken Wings with fish sauce marinade. Chicken wings were marinaded well and absorbed all of that caramelized sauce, I could not get enough of it (finger licking good…yum yum).

My slight disappointment was Grilled chicken in clay jar. The skin was not crispy, and the meat was not juicy enough I think. It was still good, however, my standard for chicken is always higher than other type of meat 😉


Menu was in both English and Vietnamese, however, English translation was not totally precise. Foreigners could point at pictures in menu to choose dish 🙂 Pictures of notable dishes were hanged on wall, too. There was wide variety of food to choose: beef, chicken, frog, pig (not only meat, but also stomach and intestine), pigeons, squid, fish, seafood, vegetables, fried rice and noodle, etc. It was not difficult to realize that most dishes can be paired with beer or rice wine.


Nice place, open space, could be a bit hot if you sat at wrong table 😉 Tables in the middle of restaurant did not have enough wind from fan. However, everything should be settled with a little help of air-con. When the place was full, it could be noisy, especially if the table next to you was full of drinkers!

Staff did not speak English, but they were attentive and cheerful. It was clean and organized place, with reasonable price. Opposition side was railway, so you should expect trains pass by sometimes.

I still wonder about the name of this restaurant, maybe I will ask the manager next time. “Lu” means clay jar (picture), which is often used to store water/wine/fermented food. A good jar/pot also makes the perfect vessel for grilling, because the material holds in and focuses heat while insulating the outside.

Lu Quan
Add: 165A Phung Hung street, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi.
Open from 10am till 11pm, or later.

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