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[Hanoi] River Crab Hot Pot vs. Roasted Chicken

H2T Restaurant (random picture from Internet)

My favorite destination when I and my friends/family want to have short trip by car. It located on the same route to Noi Bai International Airport, or the route from Vinh Phuc province back to Hanoi. A complex of restaurant and karaoke has huge parking area. The restaurant itself is quite large, with simple design. It can be really noisy with drinkers in busy days, private rooms for groups are highly recommended if don’t want to waste your energy in shouting out.

The food is well known for its fresh taste and affordable price. Roasted chicken is delicious with crispy honey skin and lean meat. Huge river crab hot pot (probably for 4-5 people) has thick layer of crab paste, fried tofu, vegetables, and a full dish of alive large fresh river crabs (After putting in the hot pot, they are delicious, before that…erh…be aware of your fingers!) 😀 Scorched sticky rice is favorite dish of locals, because of its crunchy surface and soft/warm sticky rice inside. Together with fluffy, savory meat floss, it can be interesting experiment for foreigners, however, make sure that you have good teeth 😀 😀 😀

Food and Drinks Menu (in Vietnamese)

I highly recommend that foreigners should come here with locals, because English-speaking staff is not possible in here I think. Well, it does not count if you can speak and understand well the Vietnamese food vocabulary, like my American foodie friend 😉

H2T Restaurant
Add: Gate C, Bac Thang Long Industrial Park, Dong Anh, Hanoi
Tel: (04) 38533321
Hotline: 0946601971 – 0913089282
(Because it is a bit difficult to find in the first visit, so you should call them to ask the way or if you lost)
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