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[Hanoi] Mango Story – Thai Dessert

This review should has been done 2 weeks ago…when the hype and vibes of Thai dessert was still high inside my mind. Oh well, though they decreased a bit, hope my beloved readers would still love this review. High five!

First impression
Bright and cheerful yellow color.

Quite okay. Dark brown tables calmed the heat of yellow, and created modern look.
Second floor has large tables for 10 people
Love the quote on the wall of first floor: “Nothing Brings People Together Like Good Food”. Absolutely Right!

The initial problem I saw. In the evening, the place was full, pavement was too narrow and staff could only park customers’ motorbikes in front of nearby houses or on opposite side. It would be tricky (a bit) to find your motorbike later.

– Thai Iced Tea with Jelly (Green one): original version of this was too sweet for Vietnamese I think, so they also served less-sweet version. I personally preferred less-sweet one. It had clearer and stronger “tea” feeling, the green sweet iced tea made me felt unappetizing, like I was drinking bad condensed milk.

– Mango Sticky Rice: tasty sticky rice (I mean it, sticky), mango and light salty coconut milk. I had difficulty in eating mango because it was cut into pieces. Overall, it was quite delicious.
– Fruit Toast: interesting combination of toast cubes, fresh fruits, ice cream and its upside-down cone. Perfect brunch of snack 😀
– Mango Sushi: like its name, pick them up by your fingers and enjoy!
– Mango Banana: belongs to Detox Drinks List, the smoothie of mango, banana and spinach, surprised me by its thickness. I’m a sweet tooth so I don’t really like this veggie taste, though I know it is good for health!
– Durian Sticky Rice: my most favorite dish here! Sorry but no picture, eating too fast ^^~

– Friendly and attentive staff. Although it happened rarely, but orders of customers were mistaken by staff. I could sympathize with rush hours in the evening, but service should always be improved, no matter what! 😉

Cheapest dessert is Mango Pudding (19k VND) Pumpkin Custard (29k VND), other dishes are from 39k to 69k VND. Massive Mango Sticky Rice for group of 4 – 5 people is 99k VND.

I definitely come back to try Durian Sticky Rice and Ice Cream next time.

Mango Story
50A Mai Hac De, Hai Ba Trung district
Open from 8am to 10pm.


Update 24 July 2015

– Pumpkin Custard is improved. Custard’s texture is thicker and flavor is stronger, makes better blend with pumpkin than last time, however, I still feel something is missing here for full taste combination 0_o
– Durian Story: durian sticky rice, durian pudding and durian ice cream. The feast of durian flavor, my most favorite dish here!!!
– Mango Sticky Rice: mangoes are changed I think, not fully ripe and dark yellow like before. Sweetness is a little less, but it is fine for me 🙂
– Peach Toast and Mango Sticky Rice Toast: as good as usual, can feed your belly as light brunch, or light supper, in my case.

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