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[Hanoi] Tadifar – Seashells and seafood – Cheap eats is Yelp of Vietnam, with many similarities. I’m newcomer of in writing review, but I was quite impressed with their system. They also have one virtual card called Foody E-card, which the owner can have discounts when eating at many places.

Tadifar is one of places like that. In the beginning, I felt suspicious about the quality, luckily, it was not bad like I thought, even quite delicious. (Pictures of new locations are updated in the end of this post)

It located in small alley, near few universities. Simple wooden tables and chairs, staff look like students. Despite their untrained skill, they were really attentive.

Food was grilled outside of the house, smoke wouldn’t be disturbed you. Other dishes were cooked in the kitchen.

The Menu
The Menu

Menu was quite diversified (for a small and budget-friendly place) with different seashells. Regarding the staff, fresh seashells and seafood were delivered twice a week from coastal province – hometown of young owner, and they bought sea salt to keep them fresh and alive.

I came on the last day before new delivery, so many of them were sold out, like “so long” (kind of ark clams, superficially resembles cockles, in much bigger size), oysters, “vem xanh” (Asian green mussels).

– Deep Fried Mantis Shrimp with Salt: really crunchy, I ate the whole body with shell, and continued enjoying crispy and buttery bread crumbs-like. Mantis shrimp was fresh, sweet, together with crispy fried shell, created simple but great flavor.

– Fried Baby Squids: chewy female baby squids with eggs inside.

– Fried “Oc Gai” (Ramose Murex or Branched Murex – Sea Snails) with tamarind sauce: I swore to myself I would not order it again! Their winged and pungent spines hurt my lips badly though I tried my best to avoid them 😦 The meat inside was quite okay, anyway. The tamarind sauce was tasty! I ordered a bread to dip into this sauce, and licked my fingers a lot, lol.

– Steamed Commercial Top Shell (“Oc Vu Nang”) with lemongrass: this seashell has super sexy name 😀 “Vu Nang” means Female Breast, the shape reminded people about nipple and areola I guessed, lol. Eating seashells was challenging task! You must bend the top of metal needles to pin on the head of seashell, then spin the shell in order to take the fatty meat out.

– Dipping sauce: I had heard lots of good comments about the dipping sauce before coming here. It surprisingly went well with seafood. Ingredients I could realize: water, kumquat juice, salt/pepper, and one mysterious flavor.

Total bill: 240,000 VND ~ US$11.5 (includes 1 Coke bottle and 1 lemon juice), deducted 30% of my Gold Foody E-card, it became 170,000 VND ~ US$8.

I will definitely come back to try more dishes which were sold out. Hmmm, Sunday – Monday, or Thursday should be better time because new fresh food will be arrived!.

The place is budget-friendly but you need to be patience because serving staff is not enough, and they are students and untrained in serving skill, so it can be a bit slow in serving 🙂

Tadifar – Sea Shells
No. 42A, Alley 159, Phao Dai Lang street, Dong Da district.

Tadifar has succeeded in business and moved to a new location nearby, also opened 2nd Tadifar. Both of them are better and more spacious than the original place 🙂
Tadifar 1: 652 Lang street.
Tadifar 2: 176 Xa Dan street.
Seafood price is about 15.000 VND to 90.000 VND per plate (depends on type of seafood)
Seafood hot pot: 80.000 VND/person; Oyster: 8.000 VND – 10.000 VND/one

Some pictures of my dinner with 5 other friends in Tadifar (lang street) when it newly opened December 2015. We needed to enter a small alley before entering restaurant. It had indoor and outdoor seating. Staff was attentive and friendly despite of crowded customers. Food was good. Among seafood hot pot and few seafood dishes we ordered, my favorite this time was “oc mo” (white moon sea snails) and seafood hot pot 🙂





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