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[Hanoi] Queen’s Japan Coffee

I was in a rush of finding a new cafe near my apartment after my favorite matcha tea house closed. It is not easy to find a place which is comfortable, not too crowded, good food (for sweet tooth :D), relaxed decoration, and good service. Although information about Queen’s Japan Coffee was limited on Internet, I still wanted to try it because one of reviews said this crepe cafe had huge teddy bears and stuffed animals. (*≧▽≦) Cute!!! (≧◡≦) In addition, I feel blessed because it is only 3-min walking from my house, which is perfect for a lazy motorcycle rider like me!

Owner of this coffee shop are Japaneses, that’s why I must say the business idea and decoration of this coffee shop are different. It is well-organized, clean, and has heavy manga-theme. They also have a case for free flyers and candies/sweets, and Fine-Pass guide book for sale.

I bought a Fine-Pass Hanoi version, kind of personal guide book for special discount in Hanoi, with many Japanese and international restaurants and spas in different districts. Price is 100k VND. It is really interesting and useful, especially for a foodie! 😉 This guide book is made by Japaneses I think, to help Japaneses particularly and people generally having trustworthy and good quality destinations. Highly appreciated! (their discounts are huge range, from 10% to 80% per deal, can use 3 times per place, for 1 person who owns that Fine-Pass guidebook only). I accidentally found out that the owner of Queen’s Coffee is also in the team of making this guidebook, I saw him few times in coffee shop, the guy with curly “noodle” hair 😀 I wonder if he is also behind the Fine Map of Hanoi website which is advertised on the door of coffee shop.

The wall of staircase from first floor to second floor is full of painting: One Piece, Naruto, Doraemon. There is a big bookcase of manga, mainly in Japanese and Vietnamese in first floor. Mangas are mainly in Japanese, with various types (from my first glance). I stopped reading manga after high school so I did not really pay attention on this bookcase, but it should be a gold mine for manga lovers 😉

Second floor is full of big stuffed teddy bears later (each of them is about 1 meter). You can hug or touch them freely, which is ideal for solo visitor like me 😀 Each table in second floor has a “service bell button” to summon waiters at your command, the restaurant can keep low quantity of waiters but service is still good! I came here frequently and saw many Japaneses came, with Vietnamese as teachers. Friendly Vietnamese language lessons happen all the time 😀 Most of the time, its overall atmosphere is relaxed and quiet, only a bit noisy in the evening.

Last but not least, and the most important thing for me? FOOD! (or Drinks, in this case). Menu has various categories: coffee, juices/smoothies, crepes, Japanese shaved ice – kakigori, and a separate food menu with bento, and donburi (Japanese rice bowl dish). Price range is about 30-50k VND for crepe and drinks, and 70-100k for food menu.

I’m definitely not a fan of shaved ice, so I have not tried kakigori, but their crepes are tripe great! Crepe is thin, and soft but still crispy, though it is not cone-shaped Japanese crepe that I tried on streets of Tokyo before. My most favorite crepes here are mango crepe, chocolate base crepe, savory ham and tomato crepe. The mango sauce and chocolate sauce of two first sweet crepes are flavorful, light and natural sweet. My personal way to enjoy crepes here (after failing many ways): cut crepe into pieces, fill with yummy cream, sauce and melting ice cream, fold them, and eat whole piece.

My new discovery is savory one. I was doubtful about the taste of this crepe so I passed it many times before, until I tried all crepes in the menu 😀 It was the last one I tried, beside lychee crepe (this one is always unavailable, staff said the lychee sauce was not good so they did not sell it anymore. It is pity because from the quality of mango sauce in mango crepe, I thought the lychee sauce should be awesome!). The combination of simple flavors between ham, tomato, mayonnaise and tomato sauce is surprisingly tasty, make it perfect brunch or light lunch. The only problem of sweet crepes here is their ice creams. Vanilla ice cream is icy and not smooth at all, easy to melt 😦

Their pomelo juice is also high quality and tasty. Orange juice is so-so. I’m not coffee lover so I cannot tell whether Caramel Macchiato is high quality or not, but it is good enough for my taste. I don’t often try drinks menu here but I has promised to myself that I should be more active, and cannot let crepes occupy its top position in my tummy too long like this, LoL 😀 For food menu, only one of my friend tried donburi before and he said it was good. I also have seen many Japaneses have lunch here, and the bento portions look mouthwatering.


– One of most favorite and good quality crepe places in Hanoi.
– Music taste of this coffee shop is painful (⊙﹏⊙✿)
– Will try donburi/bento and more drinks in the future.

Queen’s Japan Coffee
7 Tran Quy Kien, Cau Giay district.


Update 21 July 2015

As promised, I update pictures of second floor with big stuffed bears. It also has a private table, for couple, maybe, hehe 😀

Honey Soy Latte
Honey Soy Latte

This one definitely tastes like cereal milk 😀

Crepe with Caramel Sauce
Crepe with Caramel Sauce

Back to basic, simple crepe with caramel sauce, 38k VND, the sauce is good as usual 🙂

8 thoughts on “[Hanoi] Queen’s Japan Coffee”

  1. Và anh chủ quán nhộn quá, xem mấy clip trên facebook quảng cáo quán khá hay, nhưng có vẻ anh ấy chỉ làm cho vui chứ không thấy quán marketing tốt lắm \(//∇//)\
    Một điều nữa là anh chủ còn chơi kèn trong giàn nhạc giao hưởng, có biểu diễn ở Nhà hát lớn, tình cờ thấy và khá bất ngờ ạ !

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh my God, it’s my most favorite place. To me, crepes here is the most delicious in Hanoi. I love chocolate base crepe and all kinds of crepes at Queen’s.
    About drinks, i try somes: cappucino, frappucino, chocolate banana … They’re good and not fat-cream. Kakigori is yummy cold and high, but i never can eat it till the end, it’s so much (don’t try to eat Kakigori in winter (;▽;)ノ
    The atmosphere and space is very Japanese, clean, neat and comfortable. I love many bears too, i even put names for each bear i sit with. And i think these bears will be sad if we dont pass by this place often … (/。\)
    And do you know they organize Christmas Party each year ? It’s the great party with delicious buffet foods (Japanese foods or Western foods, depend on each year). I’ve joined the party 2 times and love it so much. We enjoy special foods and drinks, then the owner and staff will set some games for everyone (Bingo game). The end of the party, everyone has gifts (big bears or special Japanese items…). I’m looking forward to the Christmas Party this year. (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧ Hope you can come too !!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cool, I was not in Hanoi last year so I didn’t know about Christmas party! I will pay attention to this event this year, please remind me 🙂
      LOL, you named all teddy bears there? Seriously? I named my stuffed animals (zoo) when I was a kid but I have not thought about naming these bears in here. You should let me know theirs names someday 😉


      1. Yes, I will remind you the Chiristmas party this year. It’s a small cosy party with about 30 people. I’m sure you will love it (*^_^*)
        I put names for bears there because i feel something about them, i like them. Actually i dont name all teddy bears there, just some of them. my friends think im crazy to do it, lol

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