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O’Douceurs – The Touch of “Sweets” Palate

For a sweet tooth like me, bakery is like a paradise, or a holy land; and O’Douceurs is a place like that. It is one of my two most favorite bakeries in Hanoi. O’Douceurs is a charismatic boy with full of surprises and characteristics that I would like to date again and again to find out more, while La Patisserie Chez Moi is a sweet and lovely boy next door which brings me safe and friendly feeling (。♥‿♥。)

Review in Vietnamese

First Visit

I firstly visited O’Douceurs in March, 3 months after it officially opened (Don’t be surprised that I remembered the date, I was haunted by the dark chocolate tart which I saw on their FB page few days after they opened (⊙_◎) ). Unfortunately, it was a failure for me. Lemon macaron was not mildly moist like I thought. It was a bit dry, and too sweet… (yeah I know, macarons suppose to be sweet, however, I think Vietnamese may have struggle in understanding its high sweetness). So was the Opera. I left after giving my comments to the pastry chef’s wife about the sweetness, and decided not to come back soon 😦

Second Visit


I was too busy with my business trips and forgot my plan to try O’Douceurs again. Luckily, a little friend, who came back from France, asked me for girls’ meetup. “Somewhere has tasty cakes”, she insisted. O’Douceurs popped into my head as a natural choice.

Cream of Chantilly Swan and St. Honore was rich and creamy, not too sweet. St. Honore’s puff pastry was crispy, the pate a choux swan shape of Cream Puff Swan was a bit softer.

Chocolate Feuillantine was awesome! Lemon Meringue Tart was too sour, and powdered sugar had not mixed well in meringue topping, I could chew and taste it.
The table next to window on 2nd floor, with view to busy street, was ideal. I like the feeling of being slowed down and separated from the busy world outside by a glass wall, enjoying tasty food, and having small talk. Overall, it was good experience with a long-time-no-see friend 🙂

Third Visit: I did not bring my camera with me, but I could only affirm their buttery and flaky croissants has occupied an important point on my food map o((*^▽^*))o

Fourth Visit

This visit is worth to remember, the day I found my new pleasure, Fruit Exotique! It presented exactly my ultimate favorite taste in pastry: soft, and combination of sweet and sour tastes. Actually, my friend chose it, and after the first bite, I immediately asked my friend to share half of my Religieuse with him, in exchange of half Fruit Exotique 😉 Religieuse is another version of choux pastry. However, I like the St. Honore cake I tried before, probably because it had more whipped cream 😀

Fifth Visit

Sunday food tour with foodie friends, and O’Douceurs was third destination for me. For two of my friends, it was fifth one (our food tour started at 7am for breakfast but I skipped).

We ordered several different types of pastry. I chose Exotique because of its tempting top layer, and Tarte Citron Framboise (Lemon Raspberry Tart), because of its colorful look, and my craving for sweet-sour taste. Exotique was definitely tastier than last time. Flavors of mango, and passion fruit ran in my mouth joyfully 😀 I wondered how the pastry chef made the white topping layer, really soft. You should use fork to take all layers from top to bottom at once, to feel whole flavor of it 😉
Lemon Raspberry Tart satisfied our taste perfectly, portion of sweetness and sourness was just right. Oh my fresh raspberries! (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡

Eclair Vanille Framboise (Vanilla Raspberry Eclair) was quite tasty. Choux was a bit hard, and once again, fresh raspberries shined brightly.
Tiramisu was exceptional experience, it looked like a coffee bean with three layers: outside layer was chocolate coffee-bean shape, second layer was white-yellow cream layer, the last layer was soft liquor-flavor cake. I’m not sure it is sponge fingers or not, but the core was my favorite part of this Tiramisu. I honestly did not fully like it, though tiramisu is my most favorite dessert. I was happily surprised to try it, I think (*⌒∇⌒*)
Last but not least, apple pie. We tried it last, and I felt that’s why it was not crispy, difficult to cut. We must use our hand to tear it. Maybe we ate it in wrong way (・_・ヾ

The Innocent Looking Dog (Don’t Be Fooled…)
Su Kem (means Choux – lol, a dog at bakery should be named after pastry, right?) is the female dog of owners. She has big eyes, and pretty fat body 😉 I’ve heard staff remind me few times that I must not feed Su Kem. Nevertheless, she has tried her best to “persuade” me giving her my cake, from seeing me by her innocent puppy look, laying her head on my leg, licking my hands, etc. After realizing that I would not feed her, she immediately turned back (I meant it, turned 180o degree) and went to another table to start her new “routine”. LOL 😀 😀 😀 Such a cute and mischievous dog!

Honestly, the cake display fridge looks more and more tempting each time I visit (*´ڡ`●) So are other pastry displays.

Drinks menu has improved a lot since the first time I was here. Tea is my usual choice. Teapot option is great economic option for group. I and my foodie friends really like the aroma of blueberry teapot, which staff suggested us.

Service: I have not met any major matter with O’Douceurs. Staff is friendly and quite attentive. However, they definitely should go upstairs more to check customers’ needs (if occurred).
In the recent visit, the tiramisu had a small thin hair-like inside, and the owner/pastry chef decided to deduct it from the bill. We appreciated 🙂

O’Douceurs also has just had delivery service, and their customized cakes for special events looks absolutely beautiful, and adorable/sexy/funny 😀 I’m not sure it’s pity or lucky that I live really far from O’Douceurs, otherwise, my wallet will seriously raise its alarm to highest level (╥_╥)

91A Tran Hung Dao

Update O’Douceurs West Lake: 37/52 To Ngoc Van street, Tay Ho District (opened in May, 2016), and the Bamboo Terrace located opposite is awesome 😀

P.S: Another yummy post about O’Douceurs which I really like, from Hanoi Hideaway. Check it out! (๑>ᴗ<๑)

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