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10 Reasons Why White Wine Is Better than Red Wine


Ten Reasons Why White Wine Is Better than Red Wine

1. White wine does not stain clothing, which is important to those of us who dine with enthusiasm.
2. White wine does not cause debilitating headaches, whereas red wine contains chemicals identical to those hidden from United Nations inspectors.
3. White wine includes Champagne.
4. No decanting required. Watching sommeliers light candles and stare at red wine sediment is like attending a bad seance.
5. White wine goes with cheese the way red wine only wishes it did.
6. Making white wine keeps the Germans distracted.
7. Ever notice that the winos hanging around vacant lots strewn with broken bottles and dead cats are always drinking red wine?
8. Sure, red wine lowers cholesterol, but is that any way to decide on a beverage?
9. Bad red wine is always worse than bad white wine.
10. Red wine drinkers talk constantly about terroir and barnyard aromas. They’re best brought to their senses by throwing a glass of cold white wine in their faces.

Reference: Alan Richman (2005). Fork It Over: The Intrepid Adventures of a Professional Eater. New York, NY: Harper Perennial.

P.S: Alan Richman is one of my most-read food critics, and Fork It Over is one of earliest food books I read years ago, also, one of my favorite ones.

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