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Waffles, LEGO and Pandas

This is first post after my break. I have been under pressure and stress recently and I could not keep my inspiration in writing blog. This post is dedicated for Charles, my friend in Montreal, who with his sense of humor, helped me go through my moody days in there, especially after the result of my eye exam.

At first, Charles said he would make waffles for me, so I thought he would bring waffles only. I was surprised to see him taking a waffle maker, and all ingredients out of his bag! He insisted that the waffle should be fresh. Well, I’m speechless a bit. Thinking about how convenient it could be to carry this heavy bag around.

The result looked yummy, didn’t it? 😉

We had it with Charles’s maple syrup, and my peach jam. We continuously watched two animations: LEGO and Kungfu Panda 2 while he made waffles. After the first movie, I totally fell for the “Everything Is Awesome” song. It sounded a bit weird in the beginning but I could not get it out of my head after the end 😀 Just like Mark Mothersbaugh stated in an interview “It’s totally irritating, this kind of mindless mantra to get people up and working. It’s like the whip crack on their back, but then by the end of the movie it morphs into, instead of being just a mindless, go-to-work song it becomes about co-operation and people working together to do bigger things.” What he said was right! It truly woke me up from my moodiness, kept my energetic feeling, and probably played an important role in my quick decision after finishing Kungfu Panda 2 on Netflix: going to a cinema for Kung Fu Panda 3! The cinema located inside Carrefour Angrignon, a shopping mall, which is far from my place. It was cold (for me) and really windy that day…Well, I only realized it after leaving that shopping mall, then walking almost 1km to the station and shaking from the cold, brrruuu…

It was not spectacularly exciting or adventurous day, however, thanks to it, I totally felt better. My personal “axiom” is right again I guess: Food and Animation are my best friends 😀

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