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Patisserie Lapin {My New Beloved Bakery}


I have been visited this bakery more than 10 times since my first visit (an “easy” day to remember: 111 (11 Jan) 😀 However, I delayed writing this post because I want to wait until I tried enough of its cakes (*^^*), and to make sure that it can be in my top favorite bakeries in Hanoi.

The bakery located next to the overpass stretching over Nguyen Chi Thanh-Tran Duy Hung streets, quite far from Old Quarter. I knew about it after trying the tiramisu at my friend’s house. It was the best tiramisu in Vietnam I had tried these years.

First impression was the automatic door 😀 It is one-way automatic door, you need to press the open button to go out. Two cake display fridges are full of colorful cakes, like massive rainbow (well, they actually have rainbow mille crepe 😀 ). This “massive rainbow” feeling can be understood well by any sweet tooth or cake-holic 😉

The first floor looks a bit small from entrance but it is larger inside. There is a private room for large group. Actually, I did not see the overall design fits the ordinary ambiance of a patisserie, however, it created somewhat special feeling I guess.

Second floor also has luxurious and bright room, with light music (jazz, instrumental and relaxed music). I only sat on 2nd floor once, in my 1st visit. Otherwise, the table near cake display fridge on 1st floor has become my frequent destination 😀 Separated male and female restrooms, and a smoking room, are on second floor, too.

This patisserie also has small items or activities in service which I highly appreciate.

  • High quality fork with patisserie name on it? Checked.
  • Restaurant table call system? Checked (plus two distinctive Water and Checkout/Bill buttons, beside regular Call and Cancel buttons). It certainly helps saving the time. Waitresses can prepare Water and bring to our table right away without being asked by verbal order.
  • Another thing is about the waitresses who serve cake and drink. They always wear white gloves when serving 🙂

Somehow, service, items and design are still harmonious and create high-end feeling 🙂 I guess if the patisserie is more spacious, it will be truly impressive.

We move to the most important part in a review, in my opinion. FOOD.

The overall cake quality of Lapin is high, however, it was higher than it is now. I do not criticize because I know it is business matter. Current cake price decreased 20%-30% to be suitable with the majority. I do realize the difference in some types of cake, for example, less amount of rum/liqueur, which impacts on the flavor and softness, or the absence of edible gold flakes. Honestly, I still miss the quality of cake when price was 70k-80k/piece, though it seriously damages my wallet  ^^~

My most favorite choices in Lapin (Oh, please don’t ask me to choose one, it is not possible, OK? 😀 ):

Cream Puff-Choux (that marvelous filling, can’t get enough of it!);

Tiramisu (as I stated above, this piece was the reason I decided to visit Lapin in the first time);

Mocha Chiffon (unfortunately they occasionally sell it in pieces now, only big cake),

Sweet Potato Mousse (I have mix feelings with this cake. It was really good before they change the price, currently, it is still a good choice though).

Dojima Rolls: They had 3 flavors before, green tea n red beans, caramel, and custard. Unfortunately, there are only caramel n custard now (I’m sad ㅠ.ㅠ That green tea n red beans roll was so goooood).

This list takes lots of my energy and memories and “courage” to create it because I actually want to put everything here, lol. Other options in Menu can be found in the end of this post.

Two interesting and unusual food I have tried here is sweet potato and pumpkin cheesecake. The bakery said Koreans really like sweet treats made from them. My first impression with the baked sweet potato? It is a fancy version of grilled sweet potato-street food (*´・o・) However, after eating it, I gradually accepted that it is better than I thought, LOL. At least it has lots of cream inside 😉 The pumpkin cheesecake gave me better feeling 🙂

FYI, it is not that my experiences are delicious and wonderful all the time 😉 I’m not definitely sure but I think I’m most frequent Vietnamese customer, and very adventurous, too. Many items I have tried were unofficial, and might not be updated on their Facebook page. Minor amount of experiences were pretty bad.

First unhappy experience was also my first take-out. Honestly, I has avoided eating mille crepe at Lapin after this experience, till a friend has asked me to have rainbow mille crepe with her recently (picture is above). Luckily, rainbow mille crepe did not fail this time, and I started changing my bias about this cake in here 🙂

Second recent unlucky experience was about the orange jelly. It looked certainly attractive but the taste was too bitter @.@ My friend (who is also a huge fan of Lapin), told me it might be because they squeezed the orange too hard, so the essential oil from the skin make orange juice be bitter. Anyway, my lesson is: I should only try new things which are tested and posted on Lapin’s official Facebook 😀

All delicious work are done and managed by Mr. Choi Tae Jeong, a young and happy man, owner and pastry chef of Lapin. He has patisserie in Korea, and moves to Vietnam because he likes our country (I want to ask in detail but that’s all the staff knows). He is also in big size, which is ordinary as I have met many pastry chefs like that, hehe.
If you’ve ever read this article, sorry to say the truth Mr. Choi! o((*^▽^*))o

Last but not least, after quite a long time, Lapin finally has its menu. I rarely check it, probably because I tried all their cakes before the menu existed. I can not give any feedback for drinks or bingsu because I have not tried any item in drinks menu (*´ω`*) and I swear that I really don’t like Korean dessert Bingsu 😦 Hope the menu will be useful for newcomer. Please click this link to see the full menu I posted 🙂

Patisserie Lapin
25C Tran Duy Hung, Cau Giay District
Opening time: 8am – 10pm (Sunday: 9am – 9pm)
My score: ★★★★


Pictures of old and new dishes, from May to September 2016.

This one should be the last cake we mention, however, the month of Mid-Autumn Festival has not ended yet, so we post it firstly, to show our belated spirit (hopefully): Mooncake of Lapin. Two types of filling they have were mixed (savory), and coconut with salted egg yolk (sweet). My friend did not like savory taste in mooncake so I chose the other one. The package did not have Lapin logo. Coconut filling was not smooth like ordinary mooncakes I know, it made me feel like coconut was smashed then pressed. The taste was more natural, not too sweet, salty egg yolk was especially yummy! My friend felt craving for it more 😀 The size was smaller a bit than usual ones but we agreed that our satisfaction with ingredients and flavor were high and it was totally worthy. We hope next Mid-Autumn Festivals, Lapin will continue selling more flavors of mooncakes 🙂 – However, as long as the quality is good, limited filling choice is acceptable 😀

Series of pictures are cakes we tried. As mentioned above, the yummilicious green tea n red beans dojima roll was not available anymore 😦 Other two flavors were good, too, but forgive me, the impression of green tea piece was unforgettable.

Chocolate mille crepe improved from the last time I tried. A new cake was the rainbow one. It was soft, almost like “cloudy”, but not impressive like its “older” sisters. At first, I thought layers had different tastes, it seems my imagination was too much 😀

The honey bread looked good but it was sample only, not for sale ㅠ.ㅠ Biscuits had three flavors: chocolate, hibiscus and butter. I paid more attention on them because of their strange name “Tiamadimang” (no result from Google 😦 ). Does anyone know the meaning?

That’s the temporary ending. We will update whenever we try new things 🙂


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