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{Montreal} Smoked Meat at Snowdon Deli

Vietnamese post/Bài viết tiếng Việt

Well, this post should be finished in March but because of my health, I cannot. Luckily, I can finish it before “the day”


Snowdon Deli was the first restaurant I visited in the trip. Actually, I was afraid that I would be lost so nearby places were priority choice in first night (“bad navigation” a.k.a “get lost” team 😦 ). It located not far from where I stayed and had quite good reviews on Yelp. Well, it turned out that I got not only tasty food but also interesting story 🙂

Snowdon Deli’s design represented its age, simple and well-organized. It could make you feel old-fashioned but I found it perfectly comfortable 🙂 The atmosphere and feeling also reminded me about few restaurants which won Award for America’s Classics in James Beard Foundation Award (Me? Big fan, I watch “this Oscar” every year 😀 )

I should order at table but my mind was a bit grey I guessed, so I walked to take-away place, ordered and moved to a table. It was a bit confusing for the staff, as she was ready to pack the food, but after all, everything was settled.

From the lovely and friendly waitress who has worked at Snowdon Deli for 44 years (wow!), I knew more about meaning of pictures on the wall. I felt that collection of pictures was storytelling by whispering their words to me.  Three brothers, Joe, Abe and Phil, found the restaurant almost 70 years ago (Why almost? They will celebrate their 70th anniversary this September! 😀 Do you guys remember “the day” I mentioned in the beginning?), and currently it is operating by second and third generations, which is really interesting and impressive for me 🙂 I always love the generation-to-generation places. In the world of continuous development, it is not easy to keep traditions, family-run, and still adapt to the rapid change, or overcome struggles in F&B business.


I have a bad habit which many foodies have I believe: Eyes are bigger than stomach! Also, I forgot I wasn’t in Vietnam. Consequences? Over-ordering (*´∀`*) Portion was big enough for two of me.

Smoked meat sandwich in Snowdon Deli is slightly different than the one I tried in NYC (pastrami sandwich). It tasted tender, more delicate, more meaty feeling, and still kept its vigorous flavor somehow. Thinner slices broke down easily – be aware. I absolutely love its flavor more than NYC (Yeah, sorry, I know how much I liked NYC one before!).

Vietnam also has smoked meat but the taste and texture is totally different, especially in spices. Meat is mixed with spices and herbs, then hung on the fire until dried. Heat of fire makes the meat smaller, the fat run out, and the meat has deep forest and mountain taste. However, it takes at least 6-12 months to finish.

Back to Snowdon Deli, the pickles were too salty compared with Vietnamese pickles. I shouldn’t order fried potatoes 😦 Like I said above, the sandwich itself was too much for me…I managed to finish half of that potatoes plate only T__T

My only regret that I forgot asking the waitress whom I spoke with in the beginning to take picture with me. She brought family-like feeling, really warm 🙂 Help a girl who walked long way under -15 degree Celsius to feel warmer 😀

Hart, one of younger generation’ representatives in Snowdon Deli

Last but not least, the dessert I took back because my tummy would be burst out if I finished it (literally…) 😀 I had forgotten this yum yum cheesecake in the fridge for few days because I went out for breakfast. Cheesecake for breakfast was not a bad idea, I think. It was rich and thick cheesecake, definitely different with Asian-style cheesecake. Love its simplicity and taste! I guess it would be more moist if I didn’t forget its existence like that (*´∀`*)

Happy Birthday Snowdon Deli! See you in my next trip to Montreal! 🙂

P.S: You are my favorite smoked meat, even I have tried Schwartz’s and Reuben’s Deli.

Address: 5265 Boulevard Décarie, Montréal, QC H3W 3C2, Canada


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