[Reblog] The rules of moped driving

Reblog because I strongly agree with their 7-8-9-10 of how to ride a moped in Hanoi, especially number 7! 😀 Seriously, someone needs to state this rule clearly!

“Never mess with a bus – There is a very clear hierarcy which must always be respected: Buses – Big cars – Little cars – Motorbikes – Mopeds – Bicycles – Pedestrians.”

Hanoi and Beyond

We were unsure whether to blog about our recent moped rental, mainly for the sake of Jacky and Debs’ peace of mind, however we hope this will actually settle any anxieties.

It took as a while to pluck up the courage to approach our landlord, Nguyen, about renting mopeds from him, as the stress of settling in to our new jobs was enough to keep us occupied, without throwing in the additional pressure of navigating our way through Hanoi’s grid locked traffic in order to get to school. Up until this point, we had been taking Ubers to the Old Quarter for dinner and to our slightly further away schools. However we have come to realise that Uber in Hanoi isn’t as efficient as we were used to in London. Uber drivers often take up to 20 minutes to reach your location and will likely drive in the opposite direction…

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