FOOD BOX, Food Infographic

12 Ways The World Eats Raw Beef

A surprising number of food cultures feature a dish of seasoned raw beef that’s beautifully plated and served with the barest of accompaniments. From the familiar hand-chopped tartare and razor-thin carpaccio to the fiery hot, barely seared, cheddar-studded and scallion-bedazzled, there’s a preparation to strike every carnivore’s fancy. Feed your inner beast with one of these 12 killer variations, and pick which one you’re going to try next!

  • Korea: Yukhoe
  • Turkey: Çiğ Köfte
  • Japan: Tataki
  • Belgium: Toast Cannibal
  • France: Tartare
  • Italy: Carpaccio
  • Chile: Bistec Alemán or Crudo Alemán
  • Ethiopia: Kifto
  • Denmark: Tartarmad
  • Brazil: Carne de Onça
  • Lebanon: Kibbeh Nayyeh
  • Texas: Parisa

I like this infographic because main ingredients are included so I know what I should expect! 😀



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