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Vietnamese First Foodie’s Favorite Meals

As a frequent reader of VnExpress English version, I’m excited to see their Series of Vietnamese First Foodie’s Favorite Meals, because it’s about favorite Vietnamese author.

Vu Bang is my idol in food writing, not only about his knowledge and perspective, but also his style. In my food book collection, his 3 books are little treasure because they were published long time ago. I found them in old and used book stores. “Mieng Ngon Ha Noi” is about delicate food of Hanoi, “Mieng La Mien Nam” is about the time when he stayed in the South and experienced food there, and “Thuong Nho Muoi Hai” (Missing 12 months) – each chapter is an essay about food, culture and special event in each month of the Year). I can’t remember how many times I have read them till now, but whenever I feel lack of inspiration in food writing, I always come back to find my flame within them, especially the last book “Thuong nho Muoi Hai”. One of my wildest dreams is participating in translating one of them into English because I deeply want to share these wonderful books to the world, so foreign readers can understand more about root and quintessence of Vietnamese food culture.

The series is being continued, I will update links eventually 🙂

  1. Resurrecting Vietnam’s first foodie
  2. Fall’s Green Rice Flakes
  3. Ragworm Weather
  4. Steamed Rice Rolls
  5. Cha Ca La Vong
  6. Slow and Low Bun Cha
  7. Pho Fundamentals
  8. Eating was an art

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