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The Balcony

Vietnamese version of this post / Bài viết tiếng Việt

Nope, sorry to let you know this post is not a poem, or about the favorite brunch destination on To Ngoc Van or the bar near Hoan Kiem lake 😉

It’s about my favorite cafe’s balcony in Hanoi 🙂

I’m picky in choosing a favorite place to spend time alone: good food/drinks, quiet (but not too quiet, I don’t think I will feel relaxed in co-working space or library, hehe), cozy or nice view, not expensive, greens, and 100+ reasons that suddenly pop up in my head.

The balcony of Oriberry matched few of those requirements, especially its spacious landscape view. There are few other places nearby, also have beautiful view, but I still love this angle somehow 🙂 The feeling of seeing the sun slowly goes down, the dark comes, and lights of city are turn on, is like observing slow motion scene in a movie  (movie of my life I assume). That’s when I let my mind blank and rest for a while.

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Well, back to the cafe, first floor is pretty simple and almost like other coffee shops with blackboard menu, cake display fridge, except left side of the wall. It is filled with beautiful ceramics, Oriberry’s coffee and tea for sale. There are several tables though I rarely see guests stay here. Black spiral stairs in the corner leads you to 2nd floor, where most of guests will land (mind your step, and one person at a time!).

I have never sat inside because I don’t like low ceiling though it has great AC, and I’m also afraid of disturbing other guests when I talk with friends. The ambiance is nice inside, most guests come here to find a quiet place to work/study or read (or hide the heat when electricity at home has problem, as a guest told me once 😉 )

You may or may not know, that I cannot consume coffee. I think it’s not caffeine in coffee makes me dizzy, because tea is my best friend and I don’t have such problem when drinking tea. However, I intentionally “forget” and reward myself a cup of egg coffee, or mocha, especially when I cannot resist tasty things of Old Quarter’s cafe (Will be back with another post about my new coffee love). I tried egg coffee of Oriberry once, to be honest, I’m not impressed though cinnamon taste inspired me a bit, so I stick myself with tea and other drinks like soy milk, hot chocolate and juices. I feel pretty sad because I feel I missed the biggest part of Oriberry, its coffee!

Your hunger or what I called low-blood pressure can be filled with bunch of muffins (banana, chocolate, carrot, pumpkin-winter only), banana cake or cheesecake. I cannot tell what I like most here (>▽<。)

A new gem I found: Hibiscus Frappe. Delicious treat on a hot day is highly recommend! The hint of bitterness from citrus zest is nice touch to its light sour refreshing flavor.


Last but not least, you can “entertain” yourself by observing natural bathing, once in a while! (^_−)☆


Oriberry Xuan Dieu

25 Xuan Dieu, Tay Ho District

P.S: don’t forget your sunscreen if you plan to be here few hours! Also, the dog you saw at the beginning of this post, does not belong to me 😉 I was tempted by its fluffiness and cuteness so I took many pictures, hehe.

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