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[Online Shop] Kitchen La Fleur

Bài viết Tiếng Việt / Vietnamese version

Well, this post is dedicated for ordering food online from small local shops on Facebook as my friends encouraged me in sharing my list and recommendations. I hesitate in writing an English version as I don’t know whether it’s useful or not. Most of expats often order from website like Vietnammm and Then I think “Who knows, maybe this one will be helpful with someone out there, hehe 😀 ”

I start with Kitchen La Fleur (KLF) because I have just ordered something from here recently and taken proper pictures for blogging. Most of the time I often forget taking pictures of food and goods I order online, so my resources for review are limited now. I will gradually fill them later! (^_−)☆

La Fleur in French is flower. I specially like the menu and its logo. There are lots of online shops but not many of them pay attention to designing good menu with clear categories. I consider it as added value because it not only helps customers in choosing items to order easier, and but also shows professionalism (this may not apply with shops which has seasonal and short-term supply items). The menu below has many yummy food, from sweet, to savory food, drinks, yogurt which I find difficult in making decision (‘◉⌓◉’)

Menu from FB _ 7/2017. I will translate the menu later ^^~

My friend recommended “che buoi” and tiramisu in advance so I chose “che”, and a seasonal food: plum concentrated juice – as a plum fan, I was excited (p^-^)p

“Che” is a term for traditional Vietnamese sweet beverage, dessert soup or pudding. “Che buoi” is Southern style che, contains pomelo pith, mung bean (no cover), and coconut milk. When I was a kid, my grandmother made different types of che for me, including che buoi. Hot che for winter, and cold che for summer. After she passed away, I didn’t eat che buoi, till secondary school, I found a “Che Saigon” on Ta Hien street. Whenever I left school early, I rode my bike to here and treated myself a glass of che buoi. The shop was pretty small, with a Southern-accent young girl as salesperson. Unlike the myth of friendly Saigonese service, this girl’s facial expression was always serious somehow, I rarely saw her smile. I wonder if it related to my guilt which 2-3 glasses at least were broken because of my clumsiness (*゚∀゚*) After moving to the Saigon, I rarely ate che buoi (didn’t remember why), but I mainly like Chinese dessert, like black sesame soup or Annin tofu. I personally dislike che which had too many ingredients like Thai mixed sweet dessert/soup. Desserts have few key ingredients, are more appealing to me.

Well, back to reviewing. I was impressed with the delivery box. Good quality, big, thick, and stable, like boxes of ceramic or glasses cup/bowl sets in supermarket. When delivery guy gave it to me, I thought there was mistake because I only ordered 2 items, the box was like for cake, and definitely bigger than I expected (*´・o・)

“Che” and coconut milk were in two separated boxes. This set was 1kg and could be divided into 5 ordinary portions, or 3 portions, for ones who like eating huge bowl with lots of che and coconut milk like me (*^^*) “Che” was thick and consistent, very sweet, adding ice was necessary to adjust the taste. Plenty of pomelo pith were soft and chewy, coconut milk was fatty and lightly salty. Overall, I was satisfied with the taste after combining all ingredients. However, I felt there was something missing here which impacted on ultimate harmony, like a wrong note in a masterpiece. Maybe…pomelo pith should be smaller and softer, or mung bean should be improved and softer? Sometimes I feel headache because of my food pickiness (一。一;;)

Plum concentrated juice. I forgot this jar in refrigerator in a week, though I was super excited when I bought it (*^^*) The glass jar was good and did not leak though I put it horizontally in my refrigerator. Juice color was attractive, ruby red, with light sour aroma of plum. Taste was sweet and sour, then if you added ice, you would have refreshing drink for hot summer 🙂 Plum fruit I kept inside the jar to eat later.

Bonus: after checking the menu carefully, I will try 3 things in the near future: Singaporean chili crab paste (if it’s good then I don’t need to order an acquaintance brining Chili Crab Paste of Jumbo Seafood in Singapore), Singaporean pineapple tarts, and chocolate banana cake with cheese filling (oh my, this one has all of my favorite ingredients!)

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