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Mad Society – Movember Night event

Bài viết tiếng Việt / Vietnamese post

Mad Society is a new restaurant-lounge-bar place in West Lake, which I have heard long time before this visit. My curiosity has increased after missing an event of Twinnings tea here, and especially after trying gin drinks at Mad Botanist, its sister bar in Old Quarter. Luckily, a friend asked me if I want to join him in Movember Night event. Inspired by the world’s annual event which orients “mustaches” group, Mad Society held Movember Night and donated part of its revenue from tickets and cocktails to charity groups.

Firstly, Mad Society impressed me with its lavish design, somewhat like modern Art Deco style which I randomly saw in New York before. The ambiance was also pretty vintage with the touch of charming jazzy music. It also has an outdoor bar next to the pool called Tiki Bar (pool party, anyone?), with exotic design of islands like Hawaii, and definitely reminded me about Moana movie; and a lounge which I only saw from outside, with comfy sofas for talk (with cigars I assume). The thing temped me the most? Probably the bar with full of whisky bottles! ヾ(o✪‿✪o)シ

Cuisine theme of Mad Society is stated clearly in its name: Modern Asian Dining. Food in this event also follow the fusion core, however I must say the food did not impress me much, or to be precise, I think I over-expected before I came. The wine was okay. Well, this experience could not fully represent the food quality here. I plan to come back to try their a la carte menu later (mini banh xeo looks yummy) (*´︶`*)

Cocktails were the brightest star that night. We asked bartender to surprise us, then he presented two signature cocktails. One was OK OK, the second was “Chiu Chiu” and both of them were very good. The “OK” was sweet-sour, full of fruity aroma, like a tropical garden; and “Chiu Chiu” was super refreshing with hint of jasmine tea (yes, it was in a tea-pot and served by tea cups!), like a sudden cool wind in autumn. I prefer “Chiu Chiu” to “OK OK”, mostly because I’m a tea girl, and warmness of “OK” is slightly strong for my taste. On Friday nights from 8pm, Mad Society has live jazz music with 1 free specialty cocktail for ladies, come if you want to try these two cocktails!

After excellent cocktails, nothing could fulfill the night more than awesome performance of Hanoing Jazz Band. Though I and my friend could not stay until the end, what we enjoyed in 1 hour was great and joyful. How great it was, check two videos below! 😉 I was quite surprised when I saw them because I just attended Street Show of Monsoon Music Festival two days before this event, and they also performed there.

Overall, first visit was excited. In my opinion, Mad Society is perfect for group gathering, especially with colleagues and business partners. Its diversified and spacious area is also suitable for different types of events 🙂 Will come back to try food and drinks, wait for my update then! 😀

Mad Society
4th floor, Somerset West point, Tay Ho District.

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