Cacao Report, Marou Chocolate and Chocolate Bars in Vietnam


Knowing as one of best chocolate in the World, Marou has made remarkable footprint on map of chocolate 🍫 It is belated but I still want to share the Cacao Report 2017 of Marou Chocolate, which can be downloaded in following link:

Download link (Google Drive)

I find it is useful and interesting not only for people who’s interested in this business, but also for pure consumer like me 😎 The report contains several business figures and explains in detail about each region of cacao sources.

Beside Marou, several chocolate bars from Vietnam have been sold to domestic and international market (mostly Japan). I want to introduce to chocolate lovers out there, hopefully enrich your passion and taste 😋

Source: Facebook

*️⃣ Savie Chocolate: my favorite bars are kumquat and fleur (salty). Started in 2016 by young Vietnamese, this brand will celebrate its 2nd birthday this August.


*️⃣ Stone Hill: is well-known for their high quality cocoa products, Stone Hill presented their first 72% tree-to-bar dark chocolate in January. I really love it, highly recommend! It reminds me of my favorite chocolate bar with beans from Tanzania I tried 3 years ago.

*️⃣ TBROS (T.brothers) Chocolate: also turning 2 years old this July, TBROS firstly surprised me with their artistic wrapping paper. It is traditional specialty of historical and charming Hoi An city, and made from nipa palm’s fibre. Currently they are having three 70% dark chocolate bars from 3 areas of Vietnam, and wrapping paper of these 3 bars are picture of local farmers from each area. The bar is also designed and made nicely with image of beans on it. In my opinion, this brand has the most beautiful product, from outside to inside (and delicious, too) 😋

Some brands I have not had chance to try, list to remember 🍫

*️⃣ Kimmy’s Chocolate

*️⃣ Alluvia

*️⃣ Azzan

*️⃣ Belvie

*️⃣ Pheva

*️⃣ Au Lac Chocolate

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