Hanoi in My Eyes pt. 3

Cyclo or bicycle-taxi. Fun fact: It is name of a film by Tran Anh Hung (who had made The Scent of Green Papaya). The film won the Golden Lion at the 52nd Venice International Film Festival.
This clock located on top of central post office. It is a gift from Chinese Government to Vietnam, and rang first time in 1978. There are 3 clocks in this big clock. They are monitored by a “mother”clock room at 1st floor. Hanoi Post Office has a team who has maintained this clock for over 40 years.


Prepared vegetables, look at those bamboo shoots!
Street vendor of juices and smoothies


A dormitory of Hanoi University of Science and Technology. It looks a bit creepy for me, lolz.
Old-fashioned bookstore. This one and many others have been in memory of millions Hanoi’s children, where we came to borrow or bought manga and books, tried to read for free, and sometimes bought stationery.
The original “lac rang hung liu”store on Ba Trieu. Roasted peanuts with five-spice powder. In a short part of Ba Trieu street (between Tran Nhan Tong and Tue Tinh), there are around 10 stores with similar name, however, only one of them is the original.
Longans and green bananas.
Votive objects and offerings to gods and ancestors


Taken by my Panasonic Lumix G85

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