FOOD ~ Hanoi, Tay Ho

Glutinous Rice and Chicken in Tay Ho

Mentioning glutinous rice and chicken, you may think about xôi gà (chicken sticky rice), but nope, glutinous rice is used wider than xôi, and today I would like to introduce the winter food that has both of them.

This local restaurant is famous for their lẩu gà (chicken glutinous rice hot pot), however, I find bò nướng (grilled beef) and gà rán (fried chicken) are tasty, too. Other items in the menu: lòng gà xào dứa (fried chicken liver, gizzard and guts with pineapple), salad, khoai tây chiên (fried potatoes), ngô chiên (fried corn). Besides, another must-try is rượu cốt nếp (glutinous rice wine). It is sweet and women can drink easily. Well, don’t drink too much though (⊙_◎)   ┌(。°з ┐ )┘三└( ┌ ε°。)┐┘ There are also beers, soft drinks, lavie, and iced tea for you to choose.

I order half chicken hot pot (165k, whole chicken in the menu is 330k). It comes with veggies (Chinese coriander, green onions – scallions, 
napa cabbage) and bún rice noodles, thin version. Tofu is available too with 15k more. You can literally see glutinous rice in the broth. In this case, glutinous rice is made into light sweet vinegar. Broth has sweet and light sour from the glutinous rice, and rich fatty chicken flavor. Chicken cuts are large and it is recommended that you use your magic fingers to eat (*´ڡ`●) There are two types of dipping: traditional salt, pepper, chili and and lime, or a sweet dark sauce (which I assume it is light soy sauce). Last step? Feel free to make bun noodles soup with chicken broth and veggies, yum yum!

Beef is marinated with glutinous rice (I think) and can be grilled by yourself or by the restaurant. We prefer grilling it by ourselves as we can control the doneness and crusty edges. When you first put the meat on the grill, don’t wait too long because the meat will stick on the surface of the grill! Turn over it quickly at first, after it is seared and changed color a bit, you can turn over slower until it is done like you want.

Fried chicken has light crispy honey-glazed skin. It is half chicken (165k) and the plate is empty with few minutes! If you have 3-4 people, I recommend you choose half-half for hot pot and fried ones, so you can enjoy both of them!

Fried potatoes is okay. It is proof of “eyes are bigger than stomach”.  I realize we should not order it because we cannot finish fully the hot pot in the end.

One thing I feel interesting that many picture of Che Guevara are hanged around the restaurant (about 9 pictures, as my friend counts. Some of them have many smaller pictures inside).

Also, rumor about the owner: after he and his 2nd wife broke up, she also opens similar restaurant (actually it is same name) nearby, on the main road Au Co. This one is located in alley 374 Au Co. The wife’s restaurant is located at 347 Au Co, lolz. My friends visited her restaurant before and they said only the hot pot was good, other dishes were not good as the original one. The recipes are developed by the husband though, I guess it is not easy to learn everything ¯_(ツ)_/¯ I do not plan to visit her restaurant anyway.

Total price: 3 people, 4 dishes, 1 bottle of rice wine, 3 lavie bottles. We paid around 200k/each. It is reasonable for 3 super-full tummies, hehe.

Lau Ga Hoa Lo (Hoa Lo Chicken Hot Pot)

No. 23, Alley 374 Au Co street, Tay Ho district (You may pass it easily because there isn’t any signboard of this restaurant. It is dark wooden house from the outside).

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