Food Tours by ThoLovesFood

Information of my culinary tours
Google Maps
Airbnb (market & street food tour)
Airbnb (tea class)

History – Why?

Travel was a part of my previous job as business consultant. I have traveled to most of Vietnam (both cities and rural areas) and many developed countries. From there, I grew the passion of sharing to everyone about Vietnamese/Hanoi cuisine and culture, about my journey, and listening to journeys of others! Starting from that desire, I have started guiding food-related tours for several travel bloggers I personally know, through members of Foodspotting, an incredibly loyal and engaged food community. They encouraged me to take a step-up and expand my passionate in food to more people. That’s why I am here and ready to show you how interesting Hanoi is!

Market and Street Food Tour, please check my Website or experience on Airbnb.

Tea Class, please check my Website or experience on Airbnb.

I can tailor tours to your specific interests if given advance notice. For more information and/or booking please send and email to Enjoy your time in Ha Noi.

I hope to see you soon. ~TLF

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