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Sakana-ya – Not only Fish?

In the quest of finding affordable place to have sushi/sashimi in Hanoi, a Japanese friend suggested that buying them at a store will be cheaper, and many Japanese do that too. Actually, I did it before with Akuruhi store in Linh Lang street but I was unsatisfied with the quality. I realized because Akuruhi is a supermarket-type, they are not specialized in seafood.

When I lived in Saigon, I visited several Japanese-owned seafood stores but I had not searched in Hanoi. This quest has led me to Sakana-ya (さかな屋 means fishmonger), a seafood store on Doi Can street. My Japanese friend said many Japanese came here to buy sashimi, so I was pretty confident about the quality!


This store has not only fish and seafood but also meat cuts, noodles, frozen items like gyoza, katsu, yakitori, and imported food. Seafood still plays main role with lots of options such as blue fin tuna, kanpachi (yellowtail), buri (Japanese amberjack), amadai (tilefish), gingame, salmon, karei (turbot flat fish), uni (sea urchin), etc.
Information of new and seasonal seafood and goods is updated on Facebook page in Japanese and Vietnamese. Recently they have posted about Japanese melons, and shirako (fish sperm) – the most unusual fish-based ingredient for sushi, in my opinion.

They also have ankimo (monkfish liver), cured cod roe, natto, shiokara (fermented squid paste), shirataki noodles, maguro ni (marinated tuna), tsumire (fish balls of different fishes like aji-horse mackerel, tobiuo-flying fish) etc.

For meat cuts, please check the list above. They have beef cuts from Japan, America; pork from Canada, Poland and Vietnam; chicken. For prepared food, I find patty for burger and niku dango (meatballs) with sauce are tempting.

Beside fresh and prepared food, this store also has ready-to-serve food such as sashimi, sashimi set, sushi set, oden moriawase, kamaboko (fish cake), chikuwa (grilled fish cake) and homemade tonkotsu ramen (pork bone broth) – Fukuoka specialty ramen . We were informed that prior orders through phone call or Facebook are highly recommended, 2-3 hours for sushi set, and 30 minutes for sashimi set, because they do not want to let customer wait too long.

We intended to order a sushi set but we could not wait long time, so we took sashimi set for 2-3 people instead. It cost 500k VND. The quality was really good comparing to the price. We could easily tell the freshness of fishes. Each of them has different flavor, from buttery, melt-in-your-mouth, to creamy, mild, and subtle. Wasabi was very spicy! Because of the sudden idea, we came to a park and had mini picnic with this set, lolz. All of us were very satisfied and I noted this to my to-go list for good quality sashimi. My next visit will be for sushi!
Small notes:
– This set does not include any chopsticks or holder for soy sauce.
– Delivery for order over 500k VND.


Address: 213 Doi Can, Ba Dinh District
Tel: 024.62736877
Facebook: Japanese /// Vietnamese


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