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12 Ways The World Eats Raw Beef

A surprising number of food cultures feature a dish of seasoned raw beef that’s beautifully plated and served with the barest of accompaniments. From the familiar hand-chopped tartare and razor-thin carpaccio to the fiery hot, barely seared, cheddar-studded and scallion-bedazzled, there’s a preparation to strike every carnivore’s fancy. Feed your inner beast with one of… Continue reading 12 Ways The World Eats Raw Beef

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[Infographic] Guide to Stir-Frying

Our guide to stir-frying teaches you the basics of this quick and healthy cooking method. With this simple cooking formula, you'll be able to get creative and make a variety of stir-fried dishes in your own home kitchen without ever having to order take out again! What this infographic delivers? Choosing ingredients, seasoning and tenderizing,… Continue reading [Infographic] Guide to Stir-Frying

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[Infographic] Everything You Need to Know About Eggs

The guide to eggs contains all the information you could possibly need about these oval-shaped gems, including size, grading system, colors of eggs; boiling time, taste and how to use different types of eggs. This guide is eggtastic! 😀 Source:

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A Visual Guide to Eating Sushi in Japan

In Japan, sushi is more than a delicious meal—it’s a revered art form. If your definition of the delicacy is California rolls with soy sauce and "wasabi" (a.k.a. horseradish and food dye), take a look at this visual guide below, from Japanese hotel Swissotel Nankai in Osaka. The helpful infographic was created for guests unfamiliar… Continue reading A Visual Guide to Eating Sushi in Japan

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[Infographic] History of Sushi

Sushi is an well-known icon of Japanese food, an inseparable part of Japanese culture. Have you ever wondered about its history? The infographic below will help you to understand briefly about its story from the beginning, and the influence of foreign countries on sushi. It is surprised to know that first invention of sushi-like was… Continue reading [Infographic] History of Sushi

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A Guide to Care for Cast Iron Skillets

I have two cast iron skillets and I really love them, one of my most favorite cookwares! This infographic is super useful in taking care of iron skillet. Many of them are forgotten by their owners because they don't know how to use and take care of it properly, then sell it in garage sale… Continue reading A Guide to Care for Cast Iron Skillets

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How to choose appropriate stemware for your chosen wine

Quality crystal wine glasses are ideal. Good, all purpose stemware should have these four important characteristics: A clear bowl, so that you can observe the wines color and condition A long stem, so that the warmth of your fingers does not heat the wine. A thin rim, to make sipping easy and dribble free. A… Continue reading How to choose appropriate stemware for your chosen wine

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[USDA Beef Grades] What’s Your Beef – Prime, Choice or Select?

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has certain grades to help consumers differentiate between different quality beef. Two simple infographics set about explaining the different USDA grades for beef and exactly what each one means, giving suggestion to cook them perfectly. From the highest USDA Prime to the cutter and canner grades lower down the… Continue reading [USDA Beef Grades] What’s Your Beef – Prime, Choice or Select?

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40 Hot Dog Style Guide Around The World

40 distinctive varieties from around the globe — from iconic NYC “dirty water dogs” to fully loaded South American street-cart dogs to Japanese octo-dogs. Including Vietnam "banh mi with hot dog and pickled vegetables" 😉 Source: Food Republic