Foodies in Crime

Well, I have been in several blog posts and articles. Unfortunately (or fortunately?), I’m not main character 😉 However, I appreciate them because I cherish foody things I love in Hanoi and share with people. Click links to check them out.

  • Hummus in Hanoi, a post about Shay in Daluva, the restaurant I truly love, a chef has inspired me a lot by his creativity and passion 🙂
  • Hanoi Food Guide by 2foodtrippers, a couple from Philly, currently traveling the world to explore other countries and cultures while eating lots of great food.
  • Thank You Tho, a lovely note from Jacqkie. We were connected first time through email and eventually met in Hanoi, then shared short but great and girly time together 😉 I’m happy to show her how chaotic in order and wonderful our city is!
  • Pho Thin, the reowned pho stall in Hanoi has shared my post in the introduction part of their official website.