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Ramen và Bún Chả

Bài viết tiếng Anh / English article Mình luôn cảm thấy khá tội lỗi vì sự lười biếng viết lách của bản thân. Tuần trước, mình bắt đầu suy nghĩ về ý tưởng sự đa dạng của ẩm thực các nước tại Hà Nội, bằng một series các nhà hàng/món ăn nước ngoài vs. nhà… Continue reading Ramen và Bún Chả

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Ramen vs. Bun Cha

Vietnamese article / Bài viết tiếng Việt I always feel guilty about my laziness in writing to share my food journey. Last week, I started thinking about an idea of showing food culture diversity in Hanoi, by a series of Non-Vietnamese dish/restaurant vs. Vietnamese dish/restaurant. I choose them randomly, without idea of comparing, however, two… Continue reading Ramen vs. Bun Cha

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Weekend Runaway : Hello Hai Phong!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Hai Phong is the third largest city of Vietnam and a major port city in northeastern of the country. It is also known as The City of Royal Poinciana (Thanh pho Hoa Phuong Do in Vietnamese), which blossom vividly in summer, like glorious flame. Hai Phong people is famous for… Continue reading Weekend Runaway : Hello Hai Phong!

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Bun Cha near Hanoi Hotel

Vui lòng kéo xuống dưới để xem Tiếng Việt A friend of my mother brought us here for lunch after our business meeting. Her family has strict taste and detailed requirements in eating so I agreed without hesitant. Why? She only brings me to delicious food, for sure! 😀 This alley is first alley on… Continue reading Bun Cha near Hanoi Hotel