Cacao Report, Marou Chocolate and Chocolate Bars in Vietnam

Knowing as one of best chocolate in the World, Marou has made remarkable footprint on map of chocolate 🍫 It is belated but I still want to share the Cacao Report 2017 of Marou Chocolate, which can be downloaded in following link: Download link (Google Drive) I find it is useful and interesting not only… Continue reading Cacao Report, Marou Chocolate and Chocolate Bars in Vietnam

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Patisserie Lapin {Tiệm Bánh Yêu Thích}

MY ENGLISH REVIEW Mình đã đến tiệm bánh này hơn 10 lần kể từ lần đầu tiên mình đến đây, một ngày rất dễ nhớ luôn: 11/1 😀 Cơ mà mình cũng lần lữa mãi mới viết bài này vì muốn đợi thử đủ các loại bánh ở đây, đủ tự tin để cho nó… Continue reading Patisserie Lapin {Tiệm Bánh Yêu Thích}

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Patisserie Lapin {My New Beloved Bakery}

BÀI REVIEW TIẾNG VIỆT I have been visited this bakery more than 10 times since my first visit (an "easy" day to remember: 111 (11 Jan) 😀 However, I delayed writing this post because I want to wait until I tried enough of its cakes (*^^*), and to make sure that it can be in… Continue reading Patisserie Lapin {My New Beloved Bakery}

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Glorybites = Delightfulness [CLOSED]

Vui lòng kéo xuống phía dưới để xem tiếng Việt It is not first time I wrote about Glorybites, but I still feel the need of writing again about it, the first true house of chocolate pralines and truffles in Hanoi. The Menu I saw the announcement on Glorybites's FB page about its summer menu… Continue reading Glorybites = Delightfulness [CLOSED]

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[Hanoi] The Intoxicated Rhythm of Chocolate [CLOSED]

What makes Tho be excited and happy? Tiramisu and Chocolate! Okay...What makes her feel drunken? A house of Chocolate! Sunday, the next day after I surfed Facebook page of a new Chocolate cafe, with chocolate truffles and chocolate drinks, I decided to give it a try (and I came there twice on that day!) THE… Continue reading [Hanoi] The Intoxicated Rhythm of Chocolate [CLOSED]

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Delicious Hot Chocolate Flavor Combos

Hot Chocolate Infographic! Peppermint - whole milk, chocolate chips, peppermint extract Orange - milk, sugar, grated orange zest, dark chocolate Vegan - vanilla almond milk, unsweetened cocoa powder, coconut palm sugar Aztec - milk, chopped dark chocolate, cinnamon, cayenne Peanut Butter - skim milk, heavy cream, chopped milk chocolate, creamy peanut butter Caramel - milk,… Continue reading Delicious Hot Chocolate Flavor Combos

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[Hanoi] La Patisserie Chez Moi [Part 2]

Here I am, and my sweet tooth passion, again! You can see my first "passion" review here [Part 1], included address, menu and interior design 😉 New York Cheesecake ~ Smooth and rich flavor Black Forest ~ New cake, burst of Amarena cherry and chocolate, though chef pastry still needs to change a bit so… Continue reading [Hanoi] La Patisserie Chez Moi [Part 2]