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Review về khẩu trang Airphin

Nhớ năm 2006 khi mình rời Hà Nội đi học, Hà Nội là thành phố xanh sạch, còn có danh hiệu gì thì phải. Thoáng cái 10 năm quay lại, Hà Nội xanh sạch đã biến mất, thay vào đó là các công trình bê tông hoành tráng, nhưng ngột ngạt và nóng bức. Mùa… Continue reading Review về khẩu trang Airphin

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[Infographic] Smoke Points and How to Use Different Cooking Oils

Do you "understand" about your cooking oils, their nutritional facts and their smoke points? Not all oils are created equal. Whether derived from a seed, nut or flower, every oil has a specific place in our kitchen and diets. I hope 2 handy infographic below will be helpful for you (click on each picture for… Continue reading [Infographic] Smoke Points and How to Use Different Cooking Oils

FOOD BOX, Food Infographic

Superfood for Superwoman

When I was a kid, I often dreamed to be superman, to save the World. When I was 15, my Mom said it was weird dream for a 4-year-old-girl, but I guessed I did not really mind it. However, she used this dream to "persuade" me to eat lots of healthy food. Poor little girl!… Continue reading Superfood for Superwoman