Chopsticks and their ‘Commandments’

There are more than fifty different types of Japanese chopsticks (hashi or ohashi). In contrast to Chinese chopsticks, they are pointed at the end which holds the food. Some are made from bamboo or soft, pale wood, others from elegant ebony, and still others from different metals. Many can be reused in the home, but… Continue reading Chopsticks and their ‘Commandments’

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[Infographic] History of Sushi

Sushi is an well-known icon of Japanese food, an inseparable part of Japanese culture. Have you ever wondered about its history? The infographic below will help you to understand briefly about its story from the beginning, and the influence of foreign countries on sushi. It is surprised to know that first invention of sushi-like was… Continue reading [Infographic] History of Sushi

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Pizza 4P’s in Hanoi [UPDATED]

Vui lòng kéo xuống phía dưới để xem Tiếng Việt Well-known farm-to-table Pizza 4P's from Saigon has opened its first restaurant in Hanoi recently, and it immediately becomes a trend. Pizza 4P's in Hanoi is more spacious than Saigon I think. It was Barbetta The Center restaurant before, with chef Pham Tuan Hai - judge… Continue reading Pizza 4P’s in Hanoi [UPDATED]


The Janken (Rock Paper Scissors) Robot

I will get mad if I play rock paper scissors with this robot hand! 😀 😀 😀 A robotic hand developed by researchers from Japan isn't out to make a better prosthetic or perform some sort of hard labor. This robot hand is designed to play rock, paper, scissors and it always wins. Always as… Continue reading The Janken (Rock Paper Scissors) Robot

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My Favorite Matcha Tea House has come back!

Vui lòng kéo xuống phía dưới để xem tiếng Việt DECOR This tea house is owned by a matcha and tea distributor in Hanoi. It was closed few months ago to be a tea shop. However, I was surprised to hear that they re-open the tea house again in August. My first impression with this… Continue reading My Favorite Matcha Tea House has come back!


The Zenyaren restaurant in Otemachi offers water jelly for the summer … with chicken inside it!

Water Jelly Yakitori a.k.a Grilled Chicken Encased in a Transparent Jelly. How interesting it is!

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In the mood for some cool, refreshing jelly to beat the summer heat? Well, that’s certainly what the clear, Jell-O-like item in the picture here looks like, right? But you won’t find this delicate-looking item in a cafe, or any regular restaurant for that matter, as a dessert.  From the same folks at Zenyaren who brought us “cool yakitori” last year, which were basically chilled chicken skewers in collagen blocks, we now have the “water jelly yakitori“, another visually interesting dish that involves grilled chicken encased in a transparent jelly!

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[Hanoi] Queen’s Japan Coffee

I was in a rush of finding a new cafe near my apartment after my favorite matcha tea house closed. It is not easy to find a place which is comfortable, not too crowded, good food (for sweet tooth :D), relaxed decoration, and good service. Although information about Queen's Japan Coffee was limited on Internet,… Continue reading [Hanoi] Queen’s Japan Coffee

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[Hanoi] Kamon – Best Okonomiyaki in town!

- Wakame seaweed salad: fresh and yummy, portion was bigger than I expected. - Ebitama: savory pancake cooked with shrimps, layers of ingredients' flavors mixed together, best okonomiyaki in town (thumbs up) - regarding my personal experience with various of Japanese restaurants in Hanoi. I was definitely not a fan of Okonomiyaki, till I tried… Continue reading [Hanoi] Kamon – Best Okonomiyaki in town!


We love wagyu! We spend an evening learning about (and eating) Japanese beef

I’m craving it now…!
P.S: It is detail review, foodie should read 😀

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P1140062Japanese beef, or wagyu, as it’s also known, is certainly something the people of Japan delight in and cherish. Quality wagyu is a special (and pricey) treat, even for those of us living in Japan. WAGYU DIRECT,  an online service operated by retail company VIVA JAPAN and dedicated to exporting wagyu and bringing its lovely taste to the rest of the world, held a seminar and cooking/tasting session on wagyu earlier this month at the Shinjuku Isetan Department Store.

The seminar was open to just 10 people, and as fond of beef as we are, we promptly entered the draw to participate in the session, which promised to be both informative and delicious. Well, we were in luck, as we were one of the fortunate ten selected to attend the seminar. Join us as we spend an evening learning a little about wagyu and enjoy a feast as well!

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