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15 Lời Khuyên Dành Cho Người Trẻ

Sưu tầm, link gốc ở đây Viết ra xong cảm giác như mình 60 tuổi, không phải 30. Thật sự 🤣 Mọi người luôn nói "Công việc tốt là một công việc bạn yêu thích mỗi ngày". Chung chung quá. Với mình, một công việc tốt là công việc bạn có thể chịu đựng để… Continue reading 15 Lời Khuyên Dành Cho Người Trẻ


Foodies and Dating

Follow my blog with Bloglovin We decided to gather articles about dating people who love to cook/bake/eat. This list is our note and also for everyone who is single (or not!) 😉 Hopefully you can find something useful/funny/inspiring. Hehe (⌒.−)=★ REMINDER: NO JUDGING! Foodie Pride 21 Things You Should Know About Dating A Woman Who… Continue reading Foodies and Dating


[Animation] Harvie Krumpet

Writer, Director and Animator: Adam Elliot Producer: Melanie Coombs Australian Film Commission, Film Victoria, SBS Independent This short film won the Oscar Award for Animated Short Film in 2003. I like Harvie's "fakts" (facts) which he has learned his life. They are simple, but thoughtful, some of them are hilarious. The last fakt, which is… Continue reading [Animation] Harvie Krumpet