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Mẹo Chọn Cua Ngon

Làm thế nào để chọn được cua tươi? Đặc điểm thường thấy của cua ngon Hãy chú ý đến phần dây buộc của cua Xác định cua đắt hay rẻ dựa vào điều gì? Chú ý khi sơ chế và thưởng thức cua Nguồn: afamily.vn. Bài này mình repost vì người cung cấp các thông… Continue reading Mẹo Chọn Cua Ngon

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Kinh Nghiệm Khi Mua Cua Cà Mau

Hiện nay, ở Hà Nội có rất nhiều nơi bán cua Cà Mau. Để giúp các bạn phân biệt để khỏi mua đồ không đúng với giá trị của nó và giúp người Cà Mau bảo vệ thương hiệu cua của họ, mình xin có một vài kinh nghiệm nho nhỏ phổ biến cho mọi… Continue reading Kinh Nghiệm Khi Mua Cua Cà Mau

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Sakana-ya – Not only Fish?

In the quest of finding affordable place to have sushi/sashimi in Hanoi, a Japanese friend suggested that buying them at a store will be cheaper, and many Japanese do that too. Actually, I did it before with Akuruhi store in Linh Lang street but I was unsatisfied with the quality. I realized because Akuruhi is… Continue reading Sakana-ya – Not only Fish?

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Weekend Runaway : Hello Hai Phong!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Hai Phong is the third largest city of Vietnam and a major port city in northeastern of the country. It is also known as The City of Royal Poinciana (Thanh pho Hoa Phuong Do in Vietnamese), which blossom vividly in summer, like glorious flame. Hai Phong people is famous for… Continue reading Weekend Runaway : Hello Hai Phong!

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I would like to share a piece from the newest book of chef Nathan Outlaw which my sister gave me as present this May. Hopefully you will find it interesting and helpful 🙂 ************************* Damon Little, Sommelier, Restaurant Nathan Outlaw There’s nothing better than discovering a sensational new wine – one that ticks all the… Continue reading PAIRING WINE WITH SEAFOOD by Nathan Outlaw

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Vi Sai Gon – Destination for Southern Homesickness

Vui lòng kéo xuống phía dưới để xem tiếng Việt. Sorry for double watermarks in picture of this post. Because of cropping watermark issue, I must have a new watermark. This post was under process so I could not remove the first watermark I applied. In future posts, there will be only 1 watermark. Thank… Continue reading Vi Sai Gon – Destination for Southern Homesickness

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Pizza 4P’s in Hanoi [UPDATED]

Vui lòng kéo xuống phía dưới để xem Tiếng Việt Well-known farm-to-table Pizza 4P's from Saigon has opened its first restaurant in Hanoi recently, and it immediately becomes a trend. Pizza 4P's in Hanoi is more spacious than Saigon I think. It was Barbetta The Center restaurant before, with chef Pham Tuan Hai - judge… Continue reading Pizza 4P’s in Hanoi [UPDATED]

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[Hanoi] Tadifar – Seashells and seafood – Cheap eats

Foody.vn is Yelp of Vietnam, with many similarities. I'm newcomer of Foody.vn in writing review, but I was quite impressed with their system. They also have one virtual card called Foody E-card, which the owner can have discounts when eating at many places. Tadifar is one of places like that. In the beginning, I felt… Continue reading [Hanoi] Tadifar – Seashells and seafood – Cheap eats

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[Hanoi] Lu Quan {CLOSED}

Year 2017 / The place is closed, now they only sell roasted chickens - ga nuong lu (their signature dish before) via their FB page https://www.facebook.com/LuQuan.No1/ Well, I'm back! The AAG communications cable system was completely fixed yesterday, my Internet flow has run well again. I'm happy 😀 I've known this restaurant from a local… Continue reading [Hanoi] Lu Quan {CLOSED}

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[Hanoi] Hot n Tasty

I have not visited any grill & hot Pot restaurant for years I think, probably because I'm often on my own in food journey, and grill n hot pot is definitely good for group 😉 However, I decided to prepare my tummy for a huge lunch with my special "sister", who I have not met… Continue reading [Hanoi] Hot n Tasty