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Glutinous Rice and Chicken in Tay Ho

Mentioning glutinous rice and chicken, you may think about xôi gà (chicken sticky rice), but nope, glutinous rice is used wider than xôi, and today I would like to introduce the winter food that has both of them. This local restaurant is famous for their lẩu gà (chicken glutinous rice hot pot), however, I find… Continue reading Glutinous Rice and Chicken in Tay Ho

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Xôi Quê

Nhớ hồi nhỏ, mỗi sáng đi học, tôi thường được ba mẹ cho 200 đồng để mua xôi, khoai lang, khoai mì, hoặc nửa khúc bánh mì thịt ăn điểm tâm. Trong các món ấy, lũ trẻ chúng tôi thích nhất là món xôi của bà Tám bán gánh trước cổng trường, vừa ngon, hợp… Continue reading Xôi Quê

FOOD ~ Hanoi, Hai Ba Trung

[Hanoi] Mango Story – Thai Dessert

SUPER LAZY THO IS COMING TO TOWN! This review should has been done 2 weeks ago...when the hype and vibes of Thai dessert was still high inside my mind. Oh well, though they decreased a bit, hope my beloved readers would still love this review. High five! First impression Bright and cheerful yellow color. Decoration… Continue reading [Hanoi] Mango Story – Thai Dessert

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[Hanoi] River Crab Hot Pot vs. Roasted Chicken

H2T Restaurant (random picture from Internet) My favorite destination when I and my friends/family want to have short trip by car. It located on the same route to Noi Bai International Airport, or the route from Vinh Phuc province back to Hanoi. A complex of restaurant and karaoke has huge parking area. The restaurant itself… Continue reading [Hanoi] River Crab Hot Pot vs. Roasted Chicken