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[Hanoi] 37th Street – A “Quan Ngon” for new urban district

Ngon Restaurant (Quan Ngon or Nha Hang Ngon) is one of most recommended and popular restaurants for foreigners in Vietnam, when you are in the mood for authentic Vietnamese cuisine. Since I moved to the new apartment, I have not found any replacement for Ngon Restaurant. Although it was not a big deal, but sometimes… Continue reading [Hanoi] 37th Street – A “Quan Ngon” for new urban district


[Infographic] Valentine’s Traditions from around the World

Infographic is my favorite, and for Valentine's Day, we have some strange n sweet traditions around the World: Wales, Japan, Denmark, France, England, Philippines, South Korea, Germany, and Taiwan. English Infographic Vietnamese Infographic (translation) Source: Tinhte, imgur