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Review về khẩu trang Airphin

Nhớ năm 2006 khi mình rời Hà Nội đi học, Hà Nội là thành phố xanh sạch, còn có danh hiệu gì thì phải. Thoáng cái 10 năm quay lại, Hà Nội xanh sạch đã biến mất, thay vào đó là các công trình bê tông hoành tráng, nhưng ngột ngạt và nóng bức. Mùa… Continue reading Review về khẩu trang Airphin


Food Tours by ThoLovesFood

Information of my culinary toursWebsiteGoogle MapsAirbnb (market & street food tour)Airbnb (tea class) History - Why? Travel was a part of my previous job as business consultant. I have traveled to most of Vietnam (both cities and rural areas) and many developed countries. From there, I grew the passion of sharing to everyone about Vietnamese/Hanoi… Continue reading Food Tours by ThoLovesFood


Seasonal Produce Guide – Fruits in Vietnam

After sauces, meat cuts, vegetables, thanks to a demand of a "Long term Hanoi dweller" on Twitter (as he stated himself), seasonal produce guide for fruits is finished in rapid time 😀 I tried to list as many types of fruits as I can think of. There is one fruit I love but I forgot!… Continue reading Seasonal Produce Guide – Fruits in Vietnam


Seasonal Produce Guide – What’s in Season in Vietnam? (Part 1)

My idea for this post started when I was asked by few foreign buddies about which vegetables are in their season. Together with meat cuts in Vietnamese and Vietnamese special sauces, I think I may create a series, regarding "meat cuts" and "sauces" are two of posts get most views 🙂 Let's begin! *** If… Continue reading Seasonal Produce Guide – What’s in Season in Vietnam? (Part 1)

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Mâm cỗ người Việt qua góc nhìn người phương Tây

MỘT BỮA CỖ NÔNG THÔN VIỆT NAM Trích một anh Tây tả màn ăn cỗ của người Bắc: "Tất cả bọn họ hân hoan ngồi sà xuống nền nhà bày la liệt và lộn xộn các món thơm ngon, một số chồm người qua các đĩa đồ ăn để lấy cho mình gia vị và… Continue reading Mâm cỗ người Việt qua góc nhìn người phương Tây


Highlights of Vietnam: 5 amazing places to visit in Vietnam

Get beneath the surface - The InsideVietnam Blog

In January I wrote about five lesser-known highlights of Vietnam – including caves, mountain villages, beaches, and jungles. The five destinations I’ll be exploring today, meanwhile, are very much on the beaten track – but for good reason! (They also all begin with H, for no reason at all).

I won’t say these are “must-see” sites, because your itinerary should always reflect your own personal interests, but they should most definitely be included on your Vietnam shortlist.

Ready? Then I’ll begin.

1. Halong Bay

Halong Bay (also Ha Long Bay) is probably the most recognisable image of Vietnam there is, and undoubtedly one of the world’s most beautiful bays – earning it a place in the New7Wonders of Nature in 2011.

Halong Bay at twilight Halong Bay at twilight

The bay is located in the north of the country (within striking distance of Hanoi, if you’re considering it as a side-trip), and very much…

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8 types of special sauces in Vietnam

In this series: Seasonal Produce Guice in Vietnam - Vegetables Beef, Pork, Chicken Cuts in Vietnamese Seasonal Produce Guide – Fruits Vietnam has many kinds of sauces (mắm) which are made from different natural ingredients. Here are a few of the most popular: 1. Mam Tom (Shrimp Paste Sauce) Mam Tom is the specialty of… Continue reading 8 types of special sauces in Vietnam