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Mâm cỗ người Việt qua góc nhìn người phương Tây

MỘT BỮA CỖ NÔNG THÔN VIỆT NAM Trích một anh Tây tả màn ăn cỗ của người Bắc: "Tất cả bọn họ hân hoan ngồi sà xuống nền nhà bày la liệt và lộn xộn các món thơm ngon, một số chồm người qua các đĩa đồ ăn để lấy cho mình gia vị và… Continue reading Mâm cỗ người Việt qua góc nhìn người phương Tây

FOOD ~ Hanoi

What To Eat in Hanoi (Part One)

Hanoi is capital of Vietnam and beside authentic and traditional Hanoi food, you probably can find other delicious food of Vietnam in Hanoi, such as Northern ethnic minority's cuisine, Central or Southern vibes... I have been asked by many foreign friends about Food Recommendations in Hanoi. This list dedicated to everyone who did, do, and… Continue reading What To Eat in Hanoi (Part One)

Cau Giay, FOOD ~ Hanoi

[Hanoi] 37th Street – A “Quan Ngon” for new urban district

Ngon Restaurant (Quan Ngon or Nha Hang Ngon) is one of most recommended and popular restaurants for foreigners in Vietnam, when you are in the mood for authentic Vietnamese cuisine. Since I moved to the new apartment, I have not found any replacement for Ngon Restaurant. Although it was not a big deal, but sometimes… Continue reading [Hanoi] 37th Street – A “Quan Ngon” for new urban district


Vietnamese Cuisine

Vietnam Cuisine brings its own culture from the North, Central and South. Each region has its local cuisine, which is affected by people's habits and rich natural conditions, and creates the diversity of the country's cuisine. Vietnamese culinary culture is formed and developed in association with the development of the society. Nowadays, Vietnamese cuisine, after… Continue reading Vietnamese Cuisine